Clear-com SMQ-1 Single Ear Headset Beltpack

Clear-com SMQ-1

Clear-com SMQ-1 Que-Com Single ear Headset Beltpack

Product Code: SMQ1
Clear-Com SMQ1

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• Full-duplex two-way communication
• Wide frequency response and high volume
• All metal beltpack with clip
• Noise-cancelling mic
• Mic switch and volume control
• Connects to intercom with standard mic cable

Clear-com SMQ-1 Single Ear Headset Beltpack

Clear-com Que-Com intercom systems are a compact, cost-effective, portable solution to many intercommunications needs. It consists of a PK-7 intercom power supply, and a choice of either one-ear (SMQ-1) or two-ear (DMQ-2) headset stations with an integral boom mic, attached to a rugged beltpack housing the electronics. Que-Com systems are compatible with all other Clear-Com party-line intercom products.

Audio Quality

The system’s wide frequency response is specially contoured for voice, so that conversations are clear and distinct; and messages do not have to be repeated - even in the presence of ambient noise. Que-Com systems have low self-noise, so electronic hiss will not interfere with or mask the voices. Its high volume capability, combined with low distortion, allow system users to converse comfortably and intelligibly even when the facility is quite noisy

• High-performance, full-duplex two-way communications at a modest price
• Wide frequency response and high volume
• Compatible with all Clear-Com stations, power supplies, accessories and interfaces
• Noise-cancelling mic
• Mic switch and volume control
• Interconnects with standard mic cable
• Permanently attached lightweightnoise-isolating headsets
• Soft ear cushions and adjustable headbands
• UL and SA listed power supply supports up to 30 headset stations
• Line and load regulated
• Short-circuit protected

Amplifier Type: Solid state, IC amplifiers, current-limited with reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection

• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65dB

• Distortion: <0.5% THD @ 1kHz

• MIC Pre-amp Frequency Response: 200Hz - 10kHz, contoured for enhanced vocal intelligibility

• Microphone Type: Dynamic, noise-rejecting

• Headphone Frequency Response: 200Hz - 12kHz

• Sound Pressure Level: 110dB SPL max

• Power Requirements: Talk: 10 mA average Voltage Range: 12-32V DC

• Environmental: 32 - 122° F (0 - 50° C)

• Dimensions: Beltpack Dimensions: 1 x 3.5 x 1.5in (HxWxD) (25 x 89 x 38mm)

• Weight: Headset: 8.5oz (0.24kg)

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