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We are Clear-Com authorized distributor for South East Asia. Full range of Clear-Com products could be ordered at our shop in Singapore or via our convenient e-shop. Users from all over the world have been using Clear-Com intercom systems for its clarity, reliability, and scalability in various application settings. World renowned  Clear-Com wired party line and matrix technologies are being recognized as a leader of IP communications and wireless intercom technologies. Their products will definitely be the right solution for your applications.

Clear-Com, an HME company, is a trusted global provider of professional real-time communication solutions and services since 1968. It innovates market-proven technologies that connect teams together through wired and wireless systems. Clear-Com is a leading brand for professional intercom systems; its product is widely used in broadcast, live performance, live events, sports, military, aerospace, and government

Besides providing these core solutions, it has re-classified a new category of product that caters especially to meet the marine industry&#39;s communication requirements. Clear-Com is a closed-circuit intercom system that consistently provides high-clarity communication in both high-noise and low-noise environments.

Their systems are designed to provide clear and reliable communication in a variety of marine environments, including ships, boats, and offshore platforms.

The 6 key factors why Clear-com is best suited for the Marine industry :
1. It provides crystal clear audio quality
2. It is simple to configure and integrate
3. Installation is simple
4. Maintenance is minimum
5. Rugged constructions of its equipment provide durability
6. Wide range of product to select from

Clear-com's marine intercom systems are used by a variety of organizations in the marine industry, including shipping companies, oil and gas companies, and government agencies. They are also commonly used on naval and ships, as well as on commercial and recreational boats

As mentioned before, one of the key features of Clear-com marine intercom systems is their ability to operate in harsh environmental Conditions. They are also designed to be rugged and durable, so as to withstand the rigors of marine use.

Clea-rcom's marine intercom systems are also designed to be easy to install and use. They can be configured to work with a variety of different communication devices, including radios, phones, and computers. This allows users to easily integrate the intercom system into their existing communication infrastructure.

Clearcom's marine intercom systems also feature advanced noise-cancellation technology, which helps to eliminate background noise and ensure clear communication. This is particularly important in marine environments, where background noise can be a major issue.

There are 3 Product line-ups to meet the Marine industry needs
1. Encore Analog Partyline Intercom System
2. HelixNet partyline system
3. FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system

The Encore Analog Partyline Intercom System is one of the popular option for marine communication needs, offering clear and reliable communication between crew members on ships and boats.

It allows multiple users to communicate simultaneously over a shared channel using lightweight, portable beltpacks and intercom stations.
The Encore system is durable and designed to withstand harsh marine environments, and it integrates seamlessly with other Clear-Com or third-party devices.
It offers a range of features, including programmable push-to-talk buttons, built-in speakers and listen-only options, making it an ideal solution for marine communications.

Note: The Encore Analog Partyline Intercom System is just one of the intercom solutions offered by Clear-Com for the marine industry. Clear-Com may offer other products and solutions as well.

One of the other most popular Clear-com marine intercom systems is the HelixNet partyline system. This system provides clear, reliable communication in a compact, easy-to-use package. It is ideal for use on boats and ships of all sizes, and can be expanded to support up to 64 users.

Another popular Clear-com marine intercom system is the FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system. This system provides wireless communication for up to 100 users and is ideal for use on larger vessels, such as offshore platforms and cruise ships.

Clear-com also offers a range of accessories for their marine intercom systems, including headsets, speakers, and amplifiers. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with Clearcom&#39;s intercom systems, ensuring that users have the tools they need to effectively communicate in a marine environment.

In conclusion, Clear-com is a leading provider of professional intercom systems for the marine industry. Their systems are designed to provide clear and reliable communication in harsh marine environments, and are easy to install and use. With a range of communication solutions and accessories, Clearcom is able to offer a comprehensive communication solution for marine operations of all sizes


Clear-Com, one of the industry's proven names offers intercommunication For Marine at affordable prices which are crucial in modern productions. Recent systems allow for agility as they come with better fittings and at lightweight making them absolute bargains for their prices.

Why Clear-Com is a Cut above the Rest in Solution Finding
Every day sees a deeper surge in technology. The problems arising in different industries across the globe require advanced technology to solve. For a company that has been in the forefront of finding lasting solutions to technological issues, Clear-Com boasts of unwavering reputation. From broadcasting, live performance, worship gatherings, and commercial gatherings, Clear-Com has experience resolving technological problems for more than a decade. As a result, many companies have had their great moments with Clear-Com during their times of challenges. A closer consideration of certain case studies clears any possible doubts.

La Jolla Playhouse
Located right inside the University of California, San Diego campus, La Jolla Playhouse is known for continued creation of innovative works in regional theatre. The innovative productions from this playhouse have received over 300 honours. For more than fifty years, this playhouse had been using five analog partyline main stations and wired beltpacks. Due to increase in the sophistication of production, the available intercom technology could no longer provide sustainable solution. Subsequently, there was need for advanced communication infrastructure to meet the new demands of production professionals. There was also the problem of complex infrastructure, which took the expert team more than three hours to set up and test.

In the process of finding lasting solutions, Playhouse approached Clear-com and started by renting Clear-Com intercoms to be used by visiting production teams. In addition, La Jolla Playhouse acquired Ethernet linking module, HelixNet remote stations, thirty digital beltpacks, and a two-wire interface module; all from Clear-Com. Ever since, tremendous improvements have been registered. HelixNet has simplified the set up process and fostered a tailored production experience. Even more, the Playhouse now boasts of increased flexibility and extended collaboration, thanks to the improved Ethernet linking modules.

Known for its unmatchable Mexican cultural experience, Xcaret prides itself in delivering an unforgettable experience to all its visitors. The use of Clear-Com's wired and wireless intercoms has enhanced communication amongst staff members for more than two cards. However, the available intercoms used by Xcaret were not able to deliver the workflow simplicity needed by the production team. In addition, there were cases of interrupted coverage due to varied consumer wireless products all competing for the 2.4GHz spectrum. In cases where multiple conversations happened at once, there were distractions for beltpack users since everyone used a single intercom channel. Amongst other reasons, Xcaret chose Clear-Com as the ideal solution-finding partner.

Through Clear-Com, Xcaret acquired Eclipse HX-PiCo matrix intercom. In addition, it also purchased FreeSpeak wireless beltpacks, antenna splitters amongst other products. This was followed by a new design for the communications set up and installation of the various systems. Today, the staff members are able to communicate effectively while moving freely around the park. Through the extensive use of antennas, it is now possible for the staff members to collaborate freely, strengthening work relations and enhancing productivity in the process. Even more, the experts now have a better control of the workflow. With the latest upgrade, there is continuous clear communication across the theme park. As such, there is no more need for frequency coordination.

Designed with a vision of enabling people to live in other planets one day and to facilitate seamless space transportation, SpaceX boast of manufacturing and launching some of the world's most sophisticated rockets and spacecraft. The remote voice communication system used by SpaceX made it difficult for those assigned to various SpaceX facilities to remain in touch throughout. As such, supplementary communication systems like mobile phones were used. There was need for a single communication system that would make communication between the staff members to be seamless and free of errors. The rapid expansion of SpaceX's operations and control of newer centres also posed a challenge on the intercom panels which were proving to be expensive and time consuming. In the midst of these challenges, Space X approached and settled on Clear-Com as the ultimate solution finder.

Space X needed an innovative partner, which could guarantee lasting solutions to its communication woes. Clear-Com turned out to be the perfect partner by providing Clear-Com Concert, an innovative software solution. Thereafter, SpaceX acquired the necessary licenses and integrated this software with their systems. The results were tremendous. Today, SpaceX boasts of a communication system that consumes less processing power. This has improved both individual and group communications. With increased functionality, enhanced coordination and teamwork is evident amongst the staff members. In the process, SpaceX has also cut down its communication budget. Even more, sharing of knowledge has become easier through minimisation of communication interruptions. With the new system, there has been significant rise in client satisfaction.

With so much success stories and still counting, it is evident that Clear-Com is determine to revolutionise the technology industry by providing lasting solutions to various challenges affecting companies. The mission is on. intercommunication For Marine.