Clear-com HLI-ET2 Ethernet Interface Module

Clear-com HLI-ET2

Clear-com HLI-ET2 Dual Port Ethernet Switch Interface Module

Product Code: HLI-ET2
Clear-Com HLI-ET2

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• CCM System Control
• HMS*** and LQ Linking
• User station connection
• Dual port Ethernet switch

Clear-com HLI-ET2 Ethernet Interface Module

Clear-com HelixNet HLI-ET2 is a dual port* Ethernet switch interface module for the
HMS-4X*** main station.


HLI-ET2 can be added to any HMS-4X*** main station with an available option
slot. Once installed, the system can be centrally managed from the browser-based
Core Configuration Manager™ (CCM**).

*Both ports are configured to bridge traffic from one port to the other in order to work in daisy-chain. Spanning Tree
Protocol is not enabled on those ports. Do not connect them both to the same network.
**CCM requires HLI-ET2
***HMS-4X is a legacy product as of 2022

Network Interface

• CCM System Control
• HMS(3) and LQ Linking
• User station connection
• Dual port Ethernet switch

The HelixNet System

• Wired Partyline - Networked
• Flexible cabling
• Up to 24 Channels – Licensed
• Program Audio user level control

Effortless Management

• Fast front panel control & configuration
• Easy to use CCM browser configuration
• Plug-and-go with auto discovery
• Central upgrades from main station

• Connectors

LAN A and B: (2) EtherCON RJ45

• LAN Network Connection

10/100 BaseT DHCP Capable Configured for Daisy-Chaining

• Dimensions

2.2 x 7.4 x 1.5in (HxWxD)

(57 x 187 x 39mm)

• Weight

13oz (0.35kg)

• Network Specifications (Version 4.2+)
Network Protocols

Ethernet IPv4–Unicast Audio and Control

mDNS–Multicast Device Discovery Layer 3 routable with mDNS function limitations

HTTP–Management RTP–Audio Transport

WavPack–Audio Codec

• Network Ports

Port 80 TCP–System Management

Port 655 TCP–Link Group Audio/Database Communication

Port 6001 TCP–System Management

Port 6001 UDP–Audio Streams


Port 5353 UDP–mDNS, Names, Discovery, Linking, Expansion Optional for device names and linking

• Network Parameters

HMS-4X Endpoint Resource Use: None

Bandwidth: 300 kbps per audio input linking between HMS/LQ Link Group audio sent dynamically between members 300-600 (max) kbps from an active audio input to HMS 1200-2400 (max) kbps from HMS to endpoint

Network Jitter Tolerance: <= 128ms jitter buffer per audio stream receiver automatically adjusted to network performance

QoS Tags: DSCP=41, Assured Forwarding (AF)

Link-Local Default IP Address Ranges:

System Reserved IP Ranges: for endpoints for Link Group

• Recommended Ethernet Switches

• Managed Ethernet Switch – Layer 3

• 100/1000 Base-T ports for endpoints

• 1000 Base IP Trunks between switches

• QoS Configuration

• Energy Efficient Ethernet bypass option

• IGMP Snooping bypass option

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