Clear-com PIC-4744 Program Interrupt / IFB Router

Clear-com PIC-4744

Clear-com PIC-4744 Program Interrupt Controller

Product Code: PIC-4744
Clear-Com HB-704

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• Four separate Program channels and Talent channels
• Tally lights indicate IFB channels in use
• All IFB button simultaneously access all IFB channels
• Powered by the intercom line

Clear-com PIC-4774 IFB Router

Clear-com PIC-4744 provides four XLR3M analog partyline level audio outputs (IFB channels) and four XLR3F analog line level audio inputs (Program channels). Each IFB channel can select and place one of the four program sources to the output. A front panel variable trim pot is supplied for adjusting the source level to the output. Connections to control stations, typically used for a director to cue talent, are provided for interrupting the source input to the audio output. The PIC-4744 can interrupt the program source with variable attenuation. Each IFB channel carries a composite of three signals: the program audio, the cue audio and the dip or mute control. Multiple PIC-4744 panels can be used together if more than four audio outputs are needed.

• Wet/Dry switch to access 3rd party wireless IFB, console input, recording devices, etc.
• 4 separate program inputs and individual program level controls XLR cables
• Program attenuation individually adjustable for each talent output
• Compatible with all Encore main and remote stations
• Works as a standalone system or integrated with Clear-Com intercom station
• Expansion of up to 96 IFB channels between connected systems
• Modular access stations expandable in group of 4
• Up to 12 talent access buttons in 1RU
• “Tally” lights indicate IFB channels in use
• “ALL IFB” button simultaneously accesses all IFB channels

Program Line Input

• Maximum Level Before Clipping: >= 20dBu

• Input Impedance: <10kO


• Output Level for Talent: Clear-Com Partyline Level (approx. -10dBu)

• PGM Source Adjustable Range: +20dBu

• Attenuation Adjustable Range: 50dBu

Frequency Response

• Panel Input – Talent: 200 – 18kHz +3dB

Max Distortion

Program Input – Talent: <= 0.1%


• Program Input - Talent: < -85dBu


• Input Voltage Range: 20-30V DC

• Input Current: <= 90mA

Rear Panel Connectors

• IFB Input: (2) XLR6F-Switchcraft pin layout*

• Power Loop Through: (1) XLR3M, (1) XLR3F

• Talent Out: (4) XLR3M

• Program In: (4) XLR3F

• Wet/Dry Switch: (4)

Front Panel Controls & Indicators

• (1) Power indicator LED

• (4) Program Output level controls

• (4) Program Select input switches

• (4) Attenuation (Atten) test buttons

• (4) Attenuation (Atten) level controls

• (2) Headset Monitor ports (3.5mm and XLR)

• (1) Monitor select switch


• 32° - +122°F (0° - +50°C)


• 19 x 1.75 x 7.5in (WxHxD)

(483 x 44 x 190mm)


• 5.76lbs (2.6kg)

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