Datavideo SE-500 4-Channel Digital Switcher

Datavideo SE-500

Datavideo SE-500 4-Channel Video Switcher

Product Code: SE-500
Datavideo SE-500

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• Digital Processor, high image quality
• Four inputs of S-Video (Y/C) and composite video
• Background indicators on screen
• Color processor for video correction
• RS232 remote control

Datavideo SE-500 4-Channel Analog SD Video Switcher

Datavideo SE-500 defines a video switcher, integrating analog input and digital processing. It is a popular video switcher that comes with a unique feature known as Quad Preview. This is used in displaying indicators for next video effects and tally light signals. The SE-500 is compact in size and includes all the features you would need in a video switcher and available in other models that are more expensive than the SE-500. With this model, the operator can further monitor some important activities including all video transition effects; camera activities while at the same time they can be able to observe as many as four different video input sources.

Digital Video

There are talks of digital video all over, and nobody is heard talking about analog equipment. Think about Video 8 cameras, Betacam and S-VHS cameras and their application or relevance in this era of digital systems. The best thing about the SE-500 as a digital video switcher it is that it allows for analog input. You won't have to throw away your analog systems as you can still use them to produce high-quality videos. The SE-500 is simple to operate and allows for multi-input, producing high-quality output and best of all, it is available at affordable prices.

Professional Features

The SE-500 is popular for its wide array of professional features that it provides users with. This video switcher model allows for input of 4 different video groups, and these include 4x S-Video and 4X composite. It has a MIDI control interface and supports RS-232 interface for remote control which enhances its ease of use. Other professional features available in the SE-500 is color correction, two microphone inputs, and digital transition effects as well as four audio mixer channels.


With the SE-500, the operator may use only one monitor to view as many as four different video input sources. You can use this model to switch videos that may be as far as 200 meters away using DV Cameras. To achieve this, though, you will need different accessories such as the Datavideo DAC-6 (this includes a component converter, Y/C and DV to Composite), a DV Repeater (VP-314) and 1=40, 10 and 20 meters DV cables.

Genlock No Longer Necessary

The SE-500 comes with an inbuilt 4:2:2 frame synchronizers and a Dual Channel Time Base Corrector and these eliminate the need to run external sync when using this switcher. Think about instances where more than a single activity is taking place and the audience needs to be kept informed on what is being covered at different angles; such a scenario makes a perfect fit for the SE-500 video switcher.

Wide Application Range

The great and professional features presented by the SE-500 and its ease of use coupled up by its low price makes it a great option for a wide range of applications. Think outdoor activities, small studios, pubs or clubs, schools or any settings where a single camera wouldn't be enough to cover all the action then SE-500 will be a great addition.

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Datavideo SE-500 Analog SD Switcher

Video Standard SD
Video Format NTSC 480i 59.94Hz
PAL 576i 50Hz
Video Processing SDI: 4:2:2
Input Routable / Crosspoint Fixed
Video Input 4x CV or 4x Y/C
Mix HD & SD Source
Computer Graphic Interface -
Video Output 2x CV & 1x Y/C or 1x CV & 1x YUV
1x CV Quad PVW
Down-converted output -
Built-In Multi-View Monitoring Out 1x CV
Audio Input 2x ¼” Mic jack
2x Unbalanced RCA (pair)
Audio Output 2x Unbalanced RCA (pair) 
Digital Embedded Audio Support -
Audio Delay Calibration -
A+V Switching -
Chromakey -
Picture in Picture 1
Logo Insertion -
Still Store -
Effects Quad, Split, 11 Wipe with border
Transition Preview -
Sync / Reference In/Out Built-in Genlock (internal)
Tally Output 1x D-sub 15pin, dual color
PC Remote Control Via RS-232 
Built-in Audio Mixer 3 channels
Chassis Unibody
Power DC 12V, 18W
Weight 2.2  kg
Operating Temp. Range 0~40 °C

• 1 x SE-500 product
• 1 x AD Switch DC 12V
• 2 x BNC to RCA Connector
• 1 x YUV (BNCx3 to S+BNC) Cable

Datavideo SE-500 Video Switcher Review

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