Datavideo NVS-34 H.264 Dual Streaming Encoder

Datavideo NVS-33

Datavideo NVS-34 H.264 Dual Video Streaming Encoder

Product Code: NVS-34
This model has been discontinued


Dual video streaming server
The DataVideo NVS-34 is an Dual H.264 multi-platform video streaming server, which offers two distinct bit rate options, for streaming and recording streaming simultaneously. Additionally, the NVS-34 supports vertical video streaming.

The encoder accepts SDI and HDMI inputs, along with embedded or analog RCA unbalanced audio. The recording file system supports NTFS, FAT32 or exFat for continuous recording without file size limitations.

Supports dual streaming
DataVideo NVS-34 can stream to multiple destinations at the same time. This means that you can send the stream to two streaming platforms as well as recording locally on an SD card.

Vertical streaming
Vertical video streaming for social media like Facebook and Twitch. Rotate and Central Crop is available.

Remotely controlled by Windows or Mac
Remotely controlled using a mobile device with a web browser.

Seamlessly compatible with dvCloud
Get the most out of your streaming hardware using DVCloud. The NVS-34 is seamlessly compatible with Datavideo’s DVCloud service.

This subscription service give you the possibility of sending your stream to multiple destinations at the same time without having to have multiple hardware encoders.

You can also record your production on the DVCloud platform in h.264 format. After recording you can directly use this recording to upload it to your favourite content platform.

- 1 x NVS-34 product
- 1 x AD Switch DC 12V
- 1 x Thank You Card