Datavideo NVS-30 H.264 Video Streaming Server

Datavideo NVS-30
Datavideo NVS-30   

Datavidoe NVS-30 H.264 Video Streaming Server

Product Code: NVS30

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  • Simple Video Streaming Server
  • Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording
  • Streaming to YouTube, Facebook and other live streaming platform.
  • HDMI Input and Output
  • Up to 20Mbps Streaming and 30Mbps Recording
  • 264 RTSP/RTMP Compliant Streaming
  • 264 MP4 Recording with 2 Ch AAC Audio
  • Multi-Tap10-BitScaler & De-Interlacer
  • Web UI for system configuration
  • Start/Stop Front Panel Push Buttons

The NVS-30 is a small and portable video streaming encoder and recorder. This device is designed specifically for simultaneous encoded video streaming and high quality video recording. The NVS-30 accepts any HDMI input source (such as camera or switcher) and streams the input video directly for broadcast to YouTube, Facebook, and other live streaming platforms.

The NVS-30 generates an RTSP or RTMP compliant H.264 encoded video stream. While streaming, you can record the video in MP4 or MOV file format on an SD card, USB thumb drive, or a network drive simultaneously. You can also use a web browser on the PC or mobile phones to control the device from a remote location.