Clear-com MB-100 Base Station for DX100 Intercom

Clear-com MB-100

Clear-com MB-100 DX100 Intercom Base Station

Product Code: MB-100
Clear-Com MB-100

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• 2.4GHz license-free operation
• Supports up to 4 full-duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared users
• Portable, compact design
• Weather-proofed gaskets
• Power via 100-240V AC, 12V DC, 1.5V “AA” batteries or an optional rechargeable BAT850 battery

Clear-com MB100 Base Station for HME DX100 Intercom

Clear-com MB100 base station is compatible with the DX100 digital wireless system.l.


• Weather-Proofed Gaskets: protect electronic circuits from inclimate weather intrusion.

• Compatible with DX200 Base Station: enables beltpacks to be easily interchanged between bases for better utilization of existing inventory.

• Digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum: with encrypted signals secures communications so people outside the system can’t hear your conversations.

• Dual Slot Diversity and Diversity Antennas: provide the strongest signal possible for clear, seamless and uninterrupted conversations.

• Remotely “Unlatch”Beltpacks’ Transmitter: helps you quickly locate and stop a beltpack that’s been unintentionally left transmitting --- from the convenience of your base station.·

Antenna Type:

External, Dual Diversity, ½-Wave Dipole (Supplied)

Power Requirements: Six 1.5V AA Batteries or Rechargeable BAT850 Battery; 12V DC Automotive Adapter or 100/240V AC Power Supply


10.2 x 6.45 x 3.33in

(25.91 x 16.38 x 8.46cm)


2.35lb (1.07kg) with Alkaline Batteries

Front Panel Controls:

Power Switch Register Beltpack Beltpack Unlatch Clear Registration Reset Button

Front Panel Indicators:

Beltpack Registration Status Display Power/Low BAT Indicator Beltpack Receive

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