Clear-com FreeSpeak Edge Wireless 5.GHz Beltpack

Clear-com FSE-BP50

Clear-com FSE-BP50 Wireless FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack

Product Code: FSE-BP50

FSE-BP50-X4 Clear-Com FSE-BP50
FSE-BP50-X5 Clear-Com FSE-BP50

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• TFT color display
• 4 top buttons with individual level control
• 5 additional programmable buttons
• Rotary controls on both sides and up/ down level controls
• Master volume control on bottom

Clear-com FSE-BP50 FreeSpeak Edge 5.GHz Multichannel Beltpack

Clear-com FSE-BP50 is a rugged, water-resistant multi-channel beltpack that operates in the 5 GHz frequency range, coupled with a dedicated modulation scheme to use signal reflection and multipath to deliver low-latency, best-in-class 12 kHz audio and data for a premier high-density wireless solution. The beltpack has an ergonomic design with nine programmable keys, large color screen, dedicated A & B encoders, individual level controls for C & D, a dedicated master volume control, and a built-in mic and speaker station mode.


FreeSpeak Edge beltpacks can be supported by a range of options, including the FreeSpeak
Edge Base Station, the Arcadia® Central Station, and the Eclipse® HX digital matrix, all of
which support the FSE-BP50 via the FSE-TCVR-50-IP transceiver (region specific). FSE-BP50 users can roam seamlessly between FSE-TCVR-50-IP transceivers over wide areas. When configured by an Eclipse matrix, the system can scale up to meet the needs of even the very largest productions.

Increase System Size

The FSE-BP50 can be mixed with FSII-BP19 and FSII-BP24 beltpacks on the same system,
increasing the quantity of beltpack users in a single deployment. Eclipse supports 64 FSE-BP50 beltpacks on one E-IPA-HX IP card, however systems utilizing multiple E-IPA cards within a single Eclipse HX frame can support up to 200 beltpacks (see Capacity Chart for details).


The FSE-BP50 is IP54 rated for wet weather or dusty conditions, making it ideal for outdoor
productions. For better grip and protection, the beltpack has a rubberized over-mold to
protect from the most rugged environments.


Using the BAT80 Li-Ion battery, the FSE-BP50 has 12+ hours of battery. Housed within
the beltpack is a USB-C charging port (cable included with package) for recharging or
for continuous powered transmissions. The BAT80 can be charged within the AC80
battery charger.


• TFT color display
• 4 top buttons with individual level control
• 5 additional programmable buttons
• Rotary controls on both sides and up/ down level controls
• Master volume control on bottom
• Mic and speaker mode
• Built-in flashlight
• Drop-in and USB-C charging


• Functions with FreeSpeak Edge base, Arcadia Central Station, and E-IPA-HX cards
• 5 GHz radio frequency
• 20-27 radio channels (region specific)
• Robust radio link works in high multipath or reflective environments
• Dual redundant radios
• 2.4 Ghz radio; beltpack pairing and firmware updates over the air
• Low latency audio: < 35ms (60ms beltpack to beltpack)
• Wi-Fi coexistence
• 5 GHz Scanner Mode - built in scanning tool for selecting channels
• AES256 shared key encryption


• Curved shape fits to body
• IP54 rating for wet and dusty conditions


• Audio Bandwidth: 200 – 12kHz

• No. of Full-Duplex Audio Paths: 9

• Mode of Operation: Full duplex on all routes

• Level/Talk Controls: 9 push buttons, 5 level controls (2 rotary and 2 button level controls, with 1 master level control)

• Menu Button: 1

• Headset Connector: 4-pin male, Clear-Com standard, options for 5-pin female and 7-pin male with PTT

• Microphone Type: Electret and Dynamic, selectable in beltpack menu

• Headset Limiter: Selectable from beltpack menu


• Frequency Spectrum: 5170 -5875MHz (20MHz channels set by country)

• Output Power: Adjustable from 1 – 24dBm (Maximum output power is determined by selected channel and country)

• Modulation: OFDM

• Range: Typical indoor range 250ft (80m), outdoor range 750ft (230m)


• Battery: 4400mAh

• Power: 16Wh

• Typical Voltage: 3.6V

• Battery Life: 12 hours


• IP54 water and dust resistance

• Operating: 32º to 113ºF (0º to 45ºC)

• Storage: -22º to 158ºF (-30º to 70ºC)

• Humidity: 20-90%, Non-Condensing


• 5.31 x 4.07 x 1.92in (WxHxD)

(134.87 x 103.34 x 48.77mm)


• Without Battery: 0.72lbs (0.37kg)

• With Battery: 0.96lbs (0.44kg)

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