Clear-com FSE-BASE 1RU Base Station for FreeSpeak Edge

Clear-com FSE-BASE

Clear-com FSE-BASE FreeSpeak Edge Intercom Base Station

Product Code: FSE-BASE
Clear-Com FSE-BASE

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• Standard 1 rack unit (RU) device
• High quality 12kHz audio to FS Edge beltpacks
• 2 large full-color touch screen TFT displays
• 4 rotary encoders for gain and menu operation
• Headset connection

Clear-com FSE-BASE Base Station for FreeSpeak Edge Intercom

Clear-com FreeSpeak Edge Base Station is a standalone 1RU device that provides extensive
connectivity to a wide range of Clear-Com endpoints along with third-party Dante devices. Built primarily to deploy 5 GHz transceivers and beltpacks, the base station also provides support to FreeSpeak II splitters, 1.9 GHz E1 and IP transceivers/beltpacks*, and 2.4 GHz E1 transceivers/beltpacks. The base supports up to 6 IPT or FreeSpeak Edge (FSE) transceivers, up to 10 E1 transceivers (1.9 or 2.4GHz), and up to 100 channels. The base station also provides multiple software-defined interoperable IP ports that support both Dante and third-party devices. This third-party connection capability gives the base station a wide powerful breadth of device coverage for professional intercom users. .

• Supports up to 6 IPT or FSE transceivers and up to 10 E1 transceivers (1.9 or 2.4GHz)
• Supports up to 100 channels

Base Station
• Standard 1 rack unit (RU) device
• High quality 12kHz audio to FS Edge beltpacks
• 2 large full-color touch screen TFT displays
• 4 rotary encoders for gain and menu operation

Headset connection
• Stage Announce and Prog. Audio cable included
• Functions as PTP Leader Clock

Wireless 5GHz Edge transceivers and beltpacks
• Wireless 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz FSII splitters, transceivers and beltpacks
• Dante enabled audio devices
• AES67 devices via Dante controller
• 4-wire ports (8 ports RJ45)
• 2-wire ports (4 XLR-3F)
• GPIO (D-type 9 pin)
• LAN - 2 x RJ45, 2 x SFP

• CCM browser-based configuration tool
• Direct management with encoders and display

• Capacity

Beltpacks per Base Station: 16 BPs (FSII or FSE) Transceivers/Antennas Supported by Base: 6 x IPT or FSE TCVR and 10 x E1 TCVRs (1.9 or 2.4GHz)

• Headset Microphone Input

Input Type: Dynamic /Electret - Selectable

Frequency Response: Headset Mic - Partyline: 200Hz – 12kHz + 3dBu

Frequency Response: Headset Mic - Line Out: 200Hz – 20kHz + 3dBu

Mic Limiter Threshold: -50dBu ±3dB

Mic Limiter Range: = 20dB

Max Input Level: -25dBu

Input Level: -60dBu nominal; -25dBu MAX

Headset Mic Voltage: 5V (Electret selectable)

• Headset Output

Load Impedance: > 32O

Output Impedance: 33O

Max Output Level before Distortion: > 13dBu

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.1% THD at 1kHz

Headset Mic - Partyline: -78dBu (Clear-Com mode)

Headset Mic - Line Out: -60dBu

Frequency Response: Partyline - Headset Out: 200Hz – 10kHz + 3dBu

• Audio/Radio

4-wire I/O: Output Impedance >10kO, Input Impedance 200O + 10%, transformer isolated balanced input and output.

4-wire Operating Levels: 0dBu Nominal, 18dBu headroom

2-wire I/O: Selectable RTS or Clear-Com mode, Software controlled auto-null, null depth >60dB at 1kHz

2-wire Operating Levels: -18dBu nominal (Clear-Com Mode), -12dBu nominal (RTS Mode), Headroom 18dB

Frequency Response Base-to-Beltpack:

Freespeak Edge Beltpack: 200Hz – 12kHz

Freespeak II Beltpack: 200Hz – 7.1kHz

• Partyline I/O

2W Power On/Off: A/B, C/D paired- software controlled

2W Output Voltage: 25 – 28V DC, 560 mA per pair (A/B or C/D)

2W Impedance: >10kO

2W Frequency Response: 200 to 12kHz. ±3dB

2W Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.1% THD at 1 kHz

• Relay Contacts or GPIO

Connector Type: 2 x DB9

Relay Contact Type: SPDT

Relay Quantity: 4

Relay Contact Voltage Rating: 30V DC

Relay Contact Current Rating: 1A

Input Type: Opto-Isolated

Input Quantity: 2

Input Voltage Range: 4 - 30 volts DC or AC

Input Current: >=1.2mA required

• Connectors

4-wire I/O: (8) RJ45

2-wire I/O: (4) XLR-3F

Program Input: XLR-3M, provided using cable assembly CAB-RJ45-PGM-SA

Stage Announce Output: XLR-3F, provided using cable assembly CAB-RJ45-PGM-SA

Headset: Freespeak Edge Base: 4-pin XLR-M, auto headset detect

USB: USB type A Receptacle

Number of E1 antenna ports: 2 x RJ45, 2 x Fiber (2 active at any time)

DECT Radio frequency sync: Rear RJ45 input and output RF sync connectors

• Indicators and Function

Displays: (2) 480 x 128 color TFT LED Touch Screen displays

Front Panel Indicators & Function: (2) Power Supply Status LEDs (1) Status LED (Edge) (1) Three Color Level Control LED Array

Power: AC Mains input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 160W Max, IEC60320 C14 inlet.

DC Low Voltage Input: 12V DC +/- 5%, 12A

External AC/DC Power Supply (453G020-1 Supplied):

Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 2.2A Max, IEC60320 C14 inlet.

Output: 12V DC +/- 5%, 12.5A

• Environmental

Operating: 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)

Storage: 86° to 158°F (30° to 70°C)

Humidity: 20-90% Non-Condensing

• Dimensions

1RU 19 x 1.72 x 13.929in (WxHxL)

(43.6 x 482.6 x 353.8mm)

Depth: 260mm

Weight: 7.25lbs (3.29kg)

• Network Specifications
AoIP Interfaces

Protocols: RTSP/SAP AES67 Dante

Audio Sampling: 24 bit Linear 48KHz

IP Addressing: Static, DHCP

Network Compatibility: Layer 2 & 3 LAN only

Quality of Service: DiffServ RFC2474


Multicast: On (AoIP)

Network Timing: PTPv2 (AoIP) / PTP v1 (Dante) Minimum Network Bandwidth Required

Perduplex Connection: 1 x FS II IPT bandwidth usage: ~7 Mbps.

1 x FS Edge IPT: ~ 9.6 Mbps Network Protocols Ethernet IPv4 Unicast Audio and Control mDNS–Multicast Device Discovery

• Network Ports

Port 80 TCP–Web Interface, System Management, Expansion

Port 443 for HTTPS

Port 6001 UDP–AES67 Data

Port 15000 – 15256 UDP – AES67 Audio


Port 5353 UDP–mDNS, Names, Discovery, Linking, Expansion, Dante (through various ports)

Network Jitter Tolerance: < 1us required for RF Syncing of Transceivers

• Recommended Ethernet Switches

Managed Ethernet Switch – Layer 3 100/1000 Base-T ports for endpoints

1000 Base IP Trunks between switches

QoS Configuration Energy Efficient Ethernet bypass option

IGMP Snooping bypass option

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