Clear-com FreeSpeak II Wireless 2.4GHz Beltpack

Clear-com FSII-BP24

Clear-com FSII-BP24 FreeSpeak II Wireless Beltpack

Product Code: FSII-BP24

FSII-BP24-X4  Clear-Com FSII-BP24-X4 
FSII-BP24-X5  Clear-Com FSII-BP24-X5 
FSII-BP24-X7  Clear-Com FSII-BP24-X7 

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• Functions with FSII base, FreeSpeak Edge base, Arcadia Central Station, E-IPA-HX card, and FSII splitter hardware
• Typical indoor range: 300 ft (90m), outdoor range: 800 ft (240m)
• 1.9 and 2.4 GHz beltpacks operate on a single system
• Up to 65 – 90 beltpacks on a single system
• "Listen Again" message replay

Clear-com FSII-BP24 FreeSpeak II 2.4GHz Beltpack

Clear-com FSII-BP24 is a rugged, water-resistant beltpack that operates in the ISM licensefree 2.4 GHz frequency range. Featuring the “Clear-Com Sound”, the FSII-BP24 has high audio bandwidth for superior intelligibility and listening comfort.


The FSII-BP24 can connect to the FreeSpeak II Base Station, FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, Arcadia Central Station or to the Eclipse® HX matrices using the E-IPA-HX interface card. FSII-BP24 users can roam seamlessly between FSII-TCVR-24 transceivers over wide areas. The “Listen Again” feature allows users to replay earlier commands, eliminating the need to repeat communication or disturb productions. Volume Swap allows for independent level control on channels A, B, C, and D listens.

Increase System Size

The FSII-BP24 can be used interchangeably with any other FreeSpeak II or FreeSpeak Edge beltpack on the same system. Depending on what system you connect to, you can increase the quantities of beltpack users that operate on a single system (see Capacity Chart for details).


The FSII-BP24 is IP53 rated for wet weather or dusty conditions making it ideal for outdoor productions. For better grip and protection, the beltpack has a rubberized over-mold to protect it from the most rugged environments.


Using the BAT60 Li-Ion battery, the FSII-BP19 has 18+ hours of battery life. Using an
alternative set of 3 AA cells, the battery life is 6-9 hours. The beltpacks also include an USB charging port for recharging or for continuous powered transmissions.


• Functions with FreeSpeak BASE-II, FreeSpeak Edge Base, Arcadia Central Station and Eclipse HX via E-IPA cards
• 1.9, 2.4 and 5.0 GHz beltpacks operate on a single system
• Supports up to 200 beltpacks on a single system (see Capacity Chart for details)
• Encoder Volume Swap between A&C and B&D
• “Listen Again” message replay
• Simple 2-channel partyline operation to 5-channel intercom on the same beltpack
• Over-the-air beltpack registration


• 1.9 GHz radio frequency
• Typical range 300ft (90m), outdoor range 800ft (240m)
• Robust radio link works in high multipath or reflective environments
• FSII 1.9 beltpacks supports Bluetooth headset connection up to version 5.1


• IP53 rating for wet and dusty conditions
• 18+ hour battery life or USB port for continuous operation

Compatible Headsets and Mics



• Audio Bandwidth: 200Hz-7.5KHz

• No. of Full-Duplex Audio Paths: Up to 5 with individual level control (2 dedicated rotaries, 3 with menu), 2 controls and a main volume

• Mode of Operation: Full duplex on all routes

• Level/Talk Controls: 4 pushbuttons, a reply button and 2 rotary controls

• Enter/Answer-Back Button: 1

Bluetooth 4.3 Headset Profile
Codec: MSBC using HFP (Hands Free Profile)

Frequency Spectrum

USA, Canada, Mexico: 1920-1930 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 100mW

EU, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand,
South Africa: 1880-1900 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 250mW

Japan: 1893-1906 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 250mW

Argentina: 1910 MHz-1930 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 250mW

Brazil: 1910 MHz-1920 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 250mW

Chile: 1910 MHz-1930 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 70mW

Taiwan: 1880-1895 MHz
Transceiver Range Output Power: 250mW


• Headset Connector: 4-pin male, Clear-Com standard, options for 5-pin female and 7-pin male with PTT

• Headset Voltage: Maximum of ~+8dBu as set by firmware

• Microphone Type: Electret and Dynamic, selectable in beltpack menu

• Microphone Voltage: Electret Mic:-45dBu (additional 2.5V DC bias voltage positive on Pin 2 and negative on Pin 1 via a 1k resistor).

• Dynamic Mic: -55dBu

• Headset Limiter: Selectable from beltpack menu


• Modulation: GFSK, TDMA frame 10ms Full and Long slot

• Output Power: (EU/Russia) 10dBm average, (US) 18-20dBm

• Range: Typical indoor range 300ft (90m), outdoor range 800ft (240m)

• Battery: Li-Ion or 3 AA alkaline cells

• Battery Charging: Drop-in charger (AC60) or local USB

• Battery Life: 18+ hours with Li-Ion; 9 hours with 3 x Alkaline AA cells


• IP53 water and dust resistance

• Operating: 32º-125ºF (0º-50ºC)

• Storage: 32º-150ºF (0º-70ºC)

• Humidity: Between 20% and 90%, Non-Condensing


• Tapered design at largest points

3.75 x 5 x 1.5in (HxWxD)

(97 x 130 x 45mm)


• 9.0oz (0.4kg) including batteries

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