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Mackie MDW2x2

Model: MDW2x2
2x2 High-Resolution Parametric Equalizer

MDW is the new digital design group headed by the preeminent designer, George Massenburg. It provides well-researched audio technology previously restricted to only the very highest sector of the audio industry. The first product from Massenburg DesignWorks� is the new 2x2 High-Resolution Equalizer which features Oversampling and Double Precision processing for unprecedented clarity and accuracy.Configure the MDW2x2 as two mono 5-band or one stereo 5-band parametric EQ.


The Input signal is upsampled for unsurpassed processing accuracy. Downsampling on Outputs. Each UFX card can support up to four mono or two stereo Massenburg EQs.

- Low and High bands feature shelving, low pass and high pass filters, with overlap.
- Low Mid, Mid, and High Mid Bands feature peak or shelving filters, with overlap.
- Quality graphical user interface for easy and fast operation.

Basic Controls and What They Do

There are two main types of controls. The first is a potentiometer (knob display) type control. The second type control is the switch type button. Each of the five bands has its own five dedicated controls:

- A large potentiometer knob display control to select frequencies (Hz).
- A large potentiometer knob display control to select levels (dB).
- A smaller potentiometer style control knob display to select Q and filter type.
- A null button that resets the levels in that band to 0dB.
- An In/Out button that turns the EQ in that band on or off (Bypass).

Besides the five controls within each of the five bands, there are also a few global controls:

- An In/Out button that turns all five EQ bands on or off (global bypass).
- A pull-down menu for selecting channels.
- Two toggle buttons that allows for comparing between two different EQ settings (compare).
- Switches for selecting one or two channel displays in the graphical EQ curve display.

  • High resolution stereo or two channel mono Parametric EQ.

  • 5-band fully parametric, with bypass function for each band.

  • All bands are adjustable �25dB gain.

  • All bands have a frequency response ranging from 16 Hz to 21.5 kHz.

  • Peak band settings have an adjustable Q factor from 0.18 to 32.0


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