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Sennheiser Audio
Perfect sound is fascinating. At Sennheiser, we are passionate about Sound. As such, we ensure we deliver the best audio devices to our customers. Our wide variety of fascinating products range from headphones, headsets, microphones, and unique wireless systems. We are also proud to supply our clients with the latest sleek integrated designs.

Expandore Electronics is Sennheiser Authorised Distributor of  Pro-audio Products in Singapore


Lavalier Microphone

Reporter's Microphone

ENG Microphone

Boom Poles

Wireless System
  Wireless Speakers
  - LSP 500 PRO
  - TeamConnect Wireless
  XS Wireless
  - XSW1
  - XSW2
  - XSW65
  - XSW35
  - XSW72
  - XSW52
  - XSW12
  Evolution Wireless G4
  - EW 500 G4 Series
  - EW 300 G4 Series
  - EW IEM G4 Series
  - EW 100 G4 Series
  Evolution Wireless G3
  G3 Series
  - ew 500 G3 Series
  - ew 300 G3 Series
  - ew 300 IEM G3 Series
    ew 100 G3 Series
  - ew D1-ME3
  - D1 Wireless Microphone
  Wireless System
  EK 6042
  SpeechLine Digital Wireless
  3000 Series
  5000 Series
  AVX Series
  MKE 440
  MKE 2 Elements
  SK AVX-3
  SKM AVX-835
  SKM AVX-835S-3
  Free Port
  G3-100 Series
  G2-300 Series
  G2-500 Series
  G2-550 Series
  G2-300 IEM Series

Evolution Microphone

  600 Series
800 Series
900 Series

Headphones / Headsets

  High End Headphones
Wireless Hi-Fi Headphones
DJ / Studio Headphones
Evolution Headphones
Streetwear Headphones
- HD Series
- PX Series
- MX Series
- Wired Hi-Fi Headphones
- Headphones for the Hearing Impaired
- TV Headphones

Headphones and Headsets
Not all headphones are the same. When it comes to choosing headphones and headsets, nothing matters more than quality sound. Everyone loves listening to their favorite music while working out at the gym or having the morning run. However, you can never bring the most out of such moments from poor quality sounds because of randomly chosen headsets. You need a sound device that gives you real value for your money and that’ where Sennheiser Audio comes in. We promise nothing short of the best to our customers giving you every reason to come back for more.

We present you with a wide variety of headphone options to choose from. For the best results, you can make your choices based on applications. We have in place travel and sports headphones. Additionally, we also stock the latest assistive listening and internet telephony audios. You can also walk into our outlet for affordable gaming headsets. All the audio devices are designed to precision; giving you the best value for your money at any time.

Microphone and Wireless Systems
You can also trust our experts to deliver to you the most incredible wireless system solutions. We derive a strong sense of satisfaction in seeing our clients with hi-tech audio solutions. When your business is in need of the best performance, our iconic wireless series is all you need. They have been designed to last long and produce the best results. The ideal thing is that you can always get them at a ridiculous prices in town. You do not have to spend extraordinarily to have the best sound devices. At Sennheiser Audio, we keep our promise our promise of delivering quality and affordable audio solutions to our streams of seamless customers around and beyond.

Ideally, everyone deserves Sennheiser Sound. You do not have to spend your money on it if it cannot guarantee that crisp, clear sound; the sound of perfection. The authentic audio systems in store guarantees you comfort, compatibility and lasting memories of your best songs. It could not have been any easier bringing back the lost memories through quality sound.

Integrated Systems
At Sennheiser Audio, we make deliveries beyond headphones, headsets, and microphones. Instead, we take pride in meeting a wide range of audio needs including integrated. We’ve always believed that nothing is too good for our customers; that’s why we deliver nothing short of the very best. You can always trust us to quench your thirst for the latest audio solutions.

Making the Ultimate Choice
When going for the ideal audio solution, you don’t have to struggle. Many people have done it the wrong way before; you do not have to be part of that statistics. At Sennheiser Audio, we give our customers the perfect opportunity of making the most out of their money through audio choice guidance. We provide systematic guidance on making informed decisions about purchase of sound solutions. Most importantly, you will have to factor in the need for the system. What are you going to use it for? Is it for a formal conference or a routine workout? Are you in need of a universal gadget fit for studio and perfect for internet telephony? At the end of the day, your desires come first. Come today and lets help you make that critical decision!

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