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Sennheiser G3 Series Third Generation of Evolution Wireless

New and even better: the third generation of evolution wireless offers a huge variety of sets and accessories for absolutely secure wireless sound transmission. From a simple microphone set to a fully integrated multi-channel application, the G3 series survives even the toughest live tour. The intuitive menu navigation and new graphic displays make operation simpler than ever.

Wireless transmitter synchronization from the receiver saves precious time during set-up, whether in a club or on the big outdoor stage. Discover the new world of wireless sound transmission now—with professional equipment at a fair price. evolution wireless G3:
You Know You Can Count On Breakthrough Sound.

Replaced by Sennheiser G4 Series

ew 500 G3 Series ew 300 G3 Series ew 300 IEM G3 Series
Impressively professional – the
ew G3 500 series
Sound and control – the evolution wireless G3 300 series
Pure performance - the evolution wireless G3 300 IEM series

ew 100 G3 Series
Creative and rock solid - the evolution wireless G3 100 series

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