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Wireless Systems - DW 800i (Intercom) Effective Group Communication System


Special Package DW800i with 5 High-Quality Headset CC510
Buy Sell Sales DW800i

Special Package DW800i with
SH 330 Telecom Headset

Buy Sell Sales DW800i

Model: DW 800i (Discontinued)
Intercom Effective Group Communication System

Compatible with any Sennheiser Communications telecom headset, the wireless intercom system lets you move around while interacting with the group.
  1. Allows up to 5 people to communicate in a group
  2.  System can connect via docking station to external audio equipment
  3. Push-to-talk function (PTT) as a default
  4. Batteries charge faster than they deplete
  5. Sound Clarity™ for cystal clear communication between participants

Package Includes:

  • 1 master and 4 - slave mobile units
  • 3 docking stations
  • 1 AUX-cable and an extension-cable for 8 users
  • Pre-installation arranges for that slave-units identify automatically the master-unit when powered up
  • Push-to-talk function (PTT) enables the user to speak while pushing the button, whereby releasing mutes the microphone.
  • Reliable wireless system, ideal for small professional groups such as theatre crews, TV studio crews, warehouse employees, etc.
  • "LED-Off" after 60 sec. (all LED’s is disabled) allows for use without distraction in dimmed surroundings.
  • Easy color-identification of master- and slave units
  • Key Lock on mobile units to prevent accidental activation
  • Possible extension of the system up to eight users with two intercom systems connected together via twisted cable

Range in line of sight

300 meters
Range Indoor 150 meters *
Talk Time 12 hours per unit
Battery recharge time 3 hours per unit
Transmitting Frequency 1.8 or 2.4** GHz
Transmitting Power 250mW Peak
Connector Easy Disconnect
External audio interface AUX in and output
Page function For mislaid mobile units
Easy operation 3-color LED + 5 control buttons
Optional Accessory Exchangeable front covers for mobile units
* Depending on the environment
** US Version


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