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Yamaha Professional Audio

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 Yamaha Professional Audio

Welcome to the Expandore sound store, where we have solutions for your audio broadcast and sound systems requirements. Shop with us today and get to experience the best in a wide variety of sound systems and equipment. Regardless of your audio needs, audience, space, power capability, and so on.

We have solutions that will perfectly suit you. We have both Yamaha and Samson Mackie speaker brands, and with the many models available under each name, you are sure to find a perfect match for your sound preferences. Read along this article to get a more detailed description of the brands we have in store and the key features you get to experience with every option.

Yamaha Mixers Singapore Yamaha Processors Singapore Yamaha Power Amplifiers Singapore
Mixers Processors Power Amps
Mixers for a wide variety of applications - live sound, installation, surround production and broadcast. Yamaha consoles have earned the acclaim of top engineers around the world for their reliability, superb sound and intuitive operation
A wide-ranging lineup including programmable DSP units packed with extensive audio processing resources, SPX multi-effect processors, and pre-configured DSP units for speaker processing.
Class-AB sound quality, response and power with class-D efficiency. Exclusive Yamaha EEEngine (patented) technology delivers unprecedented performance in a range of stereo, multi-channel, and high-impedance amplifier models.
Yamaha Speakers Singapore Yamaha DAW Systems Singapore Yamaha PA Systems Singapore
Speakers DAW Systems PA Systems
Yamaha quality industry-standard loudspeakers, studio monitors, speakers for band or small applications, installation speakers complete with mounting hardware, powered speakers...a complete lineup for a wide range of applications.
Efficient, ergonomic control surfaces and high-performance audio interfaces that make the most of Steinberg DAW potential. Superior integration, operability, and sound quality offer distinct benefits in commercial post-production applications.
The essentials for superb PA sound and performance provided in comprehensive packages that feature ideally matched mixer, power  amplification, and speakers.
Yamaha ADD-ON Effects Singapore Yamaha Interfaces Singapore Yamaha Recorders Singapore
Add-On-Effects Interfaces Recorders
ADD-ON EFFECTS plug-ins for Yamaha digital mixers: original VCM technology delivers outstanding simulations of classic analog studio and stomp-box effects, while iSSP technology takes surround processing to a whole new level.
Mini-YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) cards for installation in digital mixer expansions slots, high-definition microphone preamplifiers, AD/DA converters, network interfaces, and more.
From post production in studios, to recording in houses of worship, Steinberg's Nuendo software pairs as the perfect complement to Yamaha's DM2000 digital production console.
Yamaha ProAudio
Power Amps
DAW Systems
PA Systems


If you are looking for a specific brand in audio and music that has been available for long and stood the test of time, then you can't think too far from Yamaha, the renowned Japanese brand that has been around for decades now. YAMAHA has been consistent in delivering ample solutions for sound equipment and management, and they have come up with some amazing products along the way.

Available Products:
At Expandore, you are spoilt for choice as we have all the available Yamaha products that you could wish for. Whether you are looking for effective PA systems with perfectly matched mixers, amplifiers, and speakers or Active Field Controls to enhance the acoustics of your spaces, we've got you covered. If you are looking for networked audio for ease in your work performance, then the Yamaha network switches would be perfect for you, having been fully integrated for Dante networked audio.

You also get to choose from the wide variety of available speakers, whether for bands, or small public address applications, in addition to professional studio headphones that match the required standards in today's studio production. Besides that, we also offer the latest sound software in the industry, and we are adept in the latest IT knowledge. We have all options for PC, Apple, and Android products to work with whatever sound design you could be pursuing.

Our team works with you all the way, and we handle all the installation and integration of whatever equipment you purchase at our store.

Our target market includes:
Live Sound as you can rely on our features to deliver the most substantial sonic impact for every show. Musicians and bands are best suited to working with us as our easy to set up PA systems are ideal for such applications. The portable PA systems are especially a favorite as they do not hinder mobility.

Music Producers are also our ideal customers as they get to experience the best in their production environment with our leading DAW system digital mixers.

We also install the sound systems in theatre halls and houses of worship. The Yamaha commercial gear is designed to suit whatever needs and space utilization, and this becomes evident in whatever environment you introduce the gear. Broadcast as you will find Yamaha sound systems in the majority of studios and vehicles around the world.

Samson Mackie Expedition Series
The Samson Expedition Series is an ideal direction for those looking for reliable sound systems that will save on costs without cutting down on quality. The expedition series also comes with the advantage of wireless and rechargeable features. So musicians and other professionals who rely on sound systems transmission no longer have to worry about AC. The rechargeable series provides up to 20 hours of action with every charge, and this coupled up with their portability, which is another of their key features, makes them convenient for use.

Expedition Models
Expedition Escape

This lightweight model is what you need if you want to keep it simple. What with the all in one PA system coming with two input channels to connect a microphone and a line-level device at once. It also comes with a USB port to charge your mobile devices and keep the party going. The 6" woofer and an inch of the high-frequency driver can meet whatever volume demands may come up for small spaces.

Expedition Express
Weighing at only 10 pounds, this model comes with a 3-channel mixer with controls for bass and treble, which is ideal for musicians. It also comes with a wired handheld microphone, and in case you want more Sound, you can connect another Express through the line output.

Expedition XP106w
This is the most sold of the Expedition series, and it is easy to see why. It comes with a 4-channel mixer, a music/speech optimization switch, and a capability to add other units via the line output jack. You also get to choose between XP106 with a wired microphone included and the XP106w with a wireless microphone.

Expedition XP108w
The XP108w packs 200 watts, and it is small enough to push around, enabled by its telescopic handles and rolling wheels. It is ideal for large rooms and outdoor settings. It also comes with 20-hour battery life and a 4-channel mixer, as well as Bluetooth audio and a wireless microphone.

Expedition XP150
The speaker's compact design houses a lightweight 150-watt amp and a 5-channel mixer that can be detached from the back of the speaker. It has connections for microphones, keyboards, and mobile devices, and it even has the option to have a speaker as the floor monitor.

Expedition XP300
Weighing approximately 24 pounds, this model is ideal for small spaces reaching an audience of between 75 and 100. The system includes a 6-channel mixer, with a 24-bit digital FX, bass and treble equalizers on every channel. It packs 300 watts and delivers through 2 6" speakers. It also has a subwoofer output if you need to attach more speakers to the mix.

Expedition XP800
This 8-channel Expedition model packing 800-watt is ideal for small to medium-sized environments, with audiences of 100-200. It comes with the capacity to add subwoofer and stereo for higher output, and you can use anything ranging from microphones to the Samson Digital wireless systems that are sold separately.

Expedition XP1000
This is your ultimate solution if you are looking to have the most power possible in a highly portable PA system. The model is similar to the XP800 but with larger 10' woofers, 1000 watts of power, and a subwoofer output. It also comes with an extra 2 input channels. The system is ideal for crowded environments of up to 300 people. The standard inputs are specified to XLR for microphones, ¼" for instruments, 1/8" and RCA for mobile and line-level devices. It is also fitted with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for the optional XPD USB Digital wireless system that is sold separately with the system.

Expandore is your ideal stop for music and PA systems. It doesn't matter the crowd you'd like to broadcast to or the space you have in mind. Just send in your requests, and our professional team will match you up with a solution that will suit your audio needs efficiently and get your intended job done.


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