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Kramer Products

Kramers Distribution Amplifiers

Kramers Switchers & Routers

Yamaha Power Amplifiers Singapore

Distribution Amplifiers

Switchers & Routers

Power Amps

Send a high quality computer, video or audio signal to multiple devices.
Select from multiple computer, video or audio signals and send the signals to single (switcher) or multiple destinations (matrix switcher or router)
Class-AB sound quality, response and power with class-D efficiency. Exclusive Yamaha EEEngine (patented) technology delivers unprecedented performance in a range of stereo, multi-channel, and high-impedance amplifier models.

Yamaha Speakers Singapore

Yamaha DAW Systems Singapore

Yamaha PA Systems Singapore


DAW Systems

PA Systems

Yamaha quality industry-standard loudspeakers, studio monitors, speakers for band or small applications, installation speakers complete with mounting hardware, powered speakers...a complete lineup for a wide range of applications.
Efficient, ergonomic control surfaces and high-performance audio interfaces that make the most of Steinberg DAW potential. Superior integration, operability, and sound quality offer distinct benefits in commercial post-production applications.
The essentials for superb PA sound and performance provided in comprehensive packages that feature ideally matched mixer, power  amplification, and speakers.
Distribution Amplifiers
Switchers & Matrix Switchers
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Video-Audio Processors
Interfaces & Sync Processors
Twisted-Pair Interfaces
Accessories & Rack Adapters
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WP-Passive Devices
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