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Steinberg products support musicians and producers in creatively realizing their ideas - all the way from the first note through to the final production. The renowned Cubase music production software turns Mac and PC computers into a complete virtual studio - in three variants tailored to different needs and budgets.


Media Production

Audio professionals working in film, TV and game production place especially heavy and specialized demands on thier production systems. Steinberg's Nuendo offers a vast range of dedicated functions focused on post production, recording and surround that underscore the outstanding reputation of Nuendo as one of the world's most powerful media production systems.


Audio Editing

Steinberg's award-winning WaveLab provides professionals in editing, mastering, broadcast, audio restoration and sound design a range of tools that are as fast and efficient as they are flexible and easy to use. The advanced WaveLab audio engine offers uncompromisingly pristine audio quality for stereo and surround production.


VST Instruments

Steinberg's wide range of VST instruments offer the right sounds for just about any conceivable style of music from pop to metal and beyond. Including breathtakingly realistic recreations of acoustic instruments, a full virtual band as well as the award-winning HALion software sampler, Steinberg's VSTi range can be instantly integrated into Cubase, Nuendo and many other host applications.

Music Production
Cubase 4
Cubase Studio 4
Cubase SX3
Cubase SL3
Cubase SE3
Cubase System|4
Studio Case II
Dolby Digital Encoder
DTS Encoder

Media Production

Nuendo 3
Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder DTS Encoder
Nuendo EuCon
WK Audio ID
Audio Editing
WaveLab 6
WaveLab Studio 6
WaveLab Essential
VST Instructments
Groove Agent 3
Groove Agent 2
HALion String Edition 2
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Hypersonic 2
The Grand 2
Virtual Bassist
Virtual Guitarist 2
Steinberg Key
Steinberg Key
Cubase System|4
WK Audio ID Controller

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