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Media Production

Nuendo 3

Nuendo 3 has been engineered to meet the demands of audio professionals in film, TV, video and game production. A vast range of specialized features for post produtcion, recording and surround make Nuendo 3 to one of the most powerful media production systems available today.


Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder

The Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder software plug-in encodes Nuendo and Cubase Projects into Dolby Digital AC-3. Dolby Digital is today's most popular, multichannel format and is used in movie theaters worldwide.


Nuendo DTS Encoder

The Nuendo DTS Encoder makes one of the leading reproduction standards available for any audio material produced in Nuendo and Cubase. Nuendo DTS Encoder offers easy to use technology for faster than real-time encoding in a format that serves millions of home theatre systems worldwide.


Nuendo EuCon

Developed by Steinberg and Euphonix, the optionally available EuCon adapter enables Nuendo to communicate directly with the two hardware controllers Euphonix MC and System 5-MC. Revolutionary workflow enhancers for recording, editing and mixing, both Euphonix controllers provide full control over the Nuendo Media Production System.


WK Audio ID Controller

The ID Controller is the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Nuendo, ID ensures unprecedented levels of integration with Steinberg's Media Production software.



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Media Production

Nuendo 3
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Nuendo EuCon
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