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Steinberg Key

The key to Steinberg's world of professional audio tools. The Steinberg key is required to run any of Steinberg’s new VST instruments released after 1st January 2005. The package includes a CD-ROM with movies and information about current Steinberg products.



Cubase System|4

Cubase System|4 is Steinberg’s first integrated music production system, featuring MI4, a powerful and versatile 4-channel USB Audio and 16-channel MIDI interface, and Steinberg’s world-class sequencer Cubase SL.



WK Audio ID Controller

The ID Controller is the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Nuendo, ID ensures unprecedented levels of integration with Steinberg's Media Production software.


Music Production
Cubase 4
Cubase Studio 4
Cubase SX3
Cubase SL3
Cubase SE3
Cubase System|4
Studio Case II
Dolby Digital Encoder
DTS Encoder

Media Production

Nuendo 3
Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder DTS Encoder
Nuendo EuCon
WK Audio ID
Audio Editing
WaveLab 6
WaveLab Studio 6
WaveLab Essential
VST Instructments
Groove Agent 3
Groove Agent 2
HALion String Edition 2
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Hypersonic 2
The Grand 2
Virtual Bassist
Virtual Guitarist 2
Steinberg Key
Steinberg Key
Cubase System|4
WK Audio ID Controller

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