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Audio Editing


WaveLab Studio 6

WaveLab Studio 6 is a new, streamlined version of Steinberg’s multi award-winning WaveLab editing and mastering application. Offering many of the next-generation features from WaveLab 6, this new version is tailored to musicians and project studios looking for a top class stereo audio editor and mastering application. WaveLab Studio 6 combines a sample accurate, crystal clear real-time audio engine with all the editing, analysis and CD burning tools needed to create the perfect master.


WaveLab 6

Steinberg's WaveLab allows quick audio editing and professional mastering with sample-accurate precision. High-quality EQs, dynamics and effects are included, and the software can integrate additional effects processors.




WaveLab Essential

Based on award-winning WaveLab technology, WaveLab Essential is tailored to offer indispensable editing and mastering tools for use in project studios.


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Media Production

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Audio Editing
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WaveLab Studio 6
WaveLab Essential
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