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EW 300 IEM G3


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 Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3 Wireless Microphone Systems

Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3
Product Code: ew300IEMG3

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Fits all Sennheiser evolution wireless (ew) series (G1, G2, G3) belt packs 100, 300, 500 series.
Use almost any brand of lapel, clip-on, headset microphones on Sennheiser’s evolution wireless (ew) series with this replacement jack.

Price Less than USD 10.00
For an enhanced performance with your audio system, you can trust Sennheiser EW 300 G3. This is a wireless ear-monitoring system that has carefully been designed to meet the needs of professionals. The series comes with amazing features such as the EK 300 G3 bodypack receiver that offers stereo diversity, a nice and comfortable pair of IE 4 earphones, the SR 300 G3 stereo transmitter and a backup antenna that comes installed as the earphones cord. The EW 300 G3 offers the perfect solution and experience for untethered onstage monitoring and guarantees uninterrupted, clear wireless transmissions.

The EW 300 G3 series includes up to 6 top models to choose from, and these superb incorporate features such as programmable and convenient mute function that allow presenters release or interrupt signal paths instantly as the need arises. Other exciting features that this series comes with include a remote control from a PC using Sennheiser’s software referred to as “Wireless Systems Manager”. The series remain easy to use and combine flexibility and power and come with a soundcheck mode which allows for monitoring and control of RF and audio levels.

Reduced Noise and Clarity

With the EW 300 G3, you will hear yourself clearly while on stage, and this helps in enhancing your performance. The added benefit of working with a wireless, in-ear system could not be as significant if you could still hear stage noise. With the EW 300 G3 series, you will be able to hear only the instruments, and this will relax you and allow you for more time on your presentation as you won’t be competing with the stage monitors or receiving any feedback that most likely will compromise on the quality of your output.

Personalized Sound Control
The EW 300 G3 comes with an in-built 5-band graphic equalizer system as well as other amazing features such as the stereo diversity receiver that ensures you are in total control of the sound. With the equalization system coupled up with the stereo/focus mode and HiBoost feature, you are in a position to control your sound until you attain that perfect sound for improved performances.

Safe and Applicable Accessories
The EW 300 G3 series comes with great accessories such as a high-quality transmitter that offers up to 1680 tunable UHF frequencies and can be mounted on a rack. The package comes with a bodypack receiver, light in weight to ensure your mobility while on stage. You also get a pair of Sennheiser’s IE 4 earphones which are unbelievable comfortable. To ensure that your ears receive the necessary protection, the EW 300 G3 wireless mic comes with an in-built and adjustable limiter that protects your ears.

Remote Control
With the Sennheiser EW 300 G3 wireless monitoring solution, managing wireless systems have been greatly enhanced. You can monitor an entire wireless system remotely using Sennheiser’s Wireless Systems Manager Software that is operable from a PC. To get this functionality, you just have to pair your PC with the stereo transmitter using the in-built Ethernet port.

Frequency Support
The EW 300 G3 operates on a Band G frequency. This defines a frequency range between 566MHz and 608MHz. The series comes with automatic frequency scan feature that searches for available frequencies for different operational conditions or sets. EW 300 G3 comes with an enhanced bank system for frequencies that supports as much as 16 compatible frequencies.

Other Features
The transmitter and receiver are designed with a metal housing that allows for sturdy performance and durability.
• Increased range for improved audio sensitivity
• An easy-to-use operational menu and advanced control options
• Transmitter mute function
• Compatible with a wide range of accessories
• Contact rechargers for BA 2015 while being used in the receiver

The EW 300 G3 package consists of;
• 2x AA batteries
• An EK 300 G3 stereo diversity receiver
• An antenna
• 1 SR 300 G3 stereo transmitter
• AGA rack mount
• One pair of IE 4 earphones
• An NT 2 power supply unit
• Operating manual

Technical Data
Modulation FM, MPX-Stereo
RF frequency range 516.....865 MHz
Transmission/receiving frequencies 1680
Presets 16
Switching bandwidth 42 MHz
RF output power 10/30 mW
Peak deviation +/- 48 kHz
Compander HDX
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dB(A)
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,9 %
Frequency response 25.....15000 Hz
In compliance with ETS 300422, ETS 300445, CE, FCC
Antenna connector BNC
Audio-XLR connector 2x XLR3 jack
Input voltage range + 22 dBu max
Headphone connector > 100mW (32Ohm)
Operating voltage (stand alone) 12 V DC nom.
Dimensions (Transmitter) 212 x 202 x 43 mm
Weight (Transmitter) 1100 g
Audio-Output-Power 100 mW (32Ohm)
Audio-XLR connector 3,5mm jack
Operating time 4-6 h
Dimensions (Receiver) 82 x 64 x 24 mm
Weight (Receiver) ~ 160 g


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