Sennheiser 3000 Series Microphones

Sennheiser Microphones
3000 Series

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 Sennheiser Wireless Systems - 3000 Series

Model:SKM 3072-U
Hand-held transmitter with super-cardioid condenser microphone head
Model:SK 3063-U
Extremely rugged pocket transmitter
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Model: SK 3063
Bodypack transmitter, 30 mW
Model:EK 3041-U
Miniature true diversity radio-microphone receiver
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Model: EK 3053-U
Rugged stereo pocket receiver
16 switchable receiving frequencies, PLL-controlled
“HiDyn stage” noise reduction system
LEDs for RF signal and “operation”/“LowBatt”indication
FOCUS function for individual audio mix
Extremely reliable antenna socket (special Lemo)
Model: EK 3241
True-diversity receiver in a very compact all-metal housing
36 MHz switching bandwidth
Frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz
New menu for user-friendly operation

Model: EK 3253
VoiceMax™ Dual Microphone technology
3D ball joint for individual wearing confort
Maximum 35-meters range from the basis station
Perfect for wearing all day

Model:EM 3031-U1
True diversity receivers in a 19" 1 U rack housing

Model:EM 3032-U1
Consists of two complete true diversity receivers in a single 19" 1 U rack housing

Model: SR 3054-U
Stereo/mono switch
16 switchable PLL frequencies
Switching bandwidth max. 24 MHz
“HiDyn stage” noise reduction system
LC display for frequency, RF output power and deviation (2 x)
Fully suitable for multi-channel operation

Model: SR 3056-U
Ultra-noise-canceling microphone
Featuring Adaptive Intelligence
Versatile and convenient charging possibilities
Quick-swap batteries

Model: SR 3254
Sennheiser sound quality
Isolate against ambient noise
In-line microphone
Direct connection to Apple iPhone

Model: SR 3256
Easy to use
Stereo/mono selector switch
Switching bandwidth of 36 MHz per transmitter
Transmission frequencies tunable in steps of 5 kHz
HDX noise reduction system with more than 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio
LC display for frequency and deviation
Rugged 19" housing with built-in mains unit
Suitable for multi-channel applications
RF output power max. 100 mW

Model:EM 3532-U
Consists of two complete true diversity receivers with tunable receiving frequencies in the UHF band

Model: EM 3732
DSP-based HiDyn plus expander
AES 3 digital audio output
External word clock synchronisation of the digital audio output
Loop through connector for the word clock signal

Model: AC 3000-EU
Active Combiner
Significant improvement of RF performance for multi-channel systems
Broadband RF design to cover the whole UHF frequency range from 470 – 870 MHz
LEDs for RF input level indication
Robust 19’’ housing in 3000 series design
Compatible with SR 3054, SR 3056, SR 3254, SR 3256 and SR 300 G2 transmitters

Model: AC 3200
Active 8-channel 0 dB transmitter combiner with highly constant RF output power over the entire frequency range
Significant improvement of RF performance for multi-channel systems
Broadband RF design to cover the UHF frequency range from 500—870 MHz
Maximum input power of 250 mW
LEDs on the front show whether a signal is present at the RF input
Compatible with SR 3054, SR 3056, SR 3254, SR 3256, SR 300 and SR 350 transmitters

Model: ASA 3000
Active antenna splitter for multi-channel wireless microphone systems with up to 16 channels

Model: SKP 3000
Miniature plug-on transmitter

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3000 Series
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SK 3063-U
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EK 3041-U
EK 3241
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EK 3053-U
EM 3031-U1
EM 3032-U1
EM 3532-U
EM 3732
SR 3054-U
SR 3056-U
SR 3254
SR 3256
AC 3000-EU
AC 3200
ASA 3000
SKP 3000
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