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Mackie Saturated Fat

Model: Saturated Fat
Mono Distortion and Cabinet Modeling with Seven-Band EQ

Saturated Fat™ from Acuma Labs, is one of the exciting new members of the D8B’s growing collection of 24-bit plug-ins that has been specifically designed for the new Mackie Universal Effects card. (UFX).

As its’ name implies, Saturated Fat is a mono plug-in that employs an exciting new proprietary technology to achieve warm, natural-sounding tube distortion and cabinet modeling. Choose from over 40 preset distortion types to create your “perfect sound” or select from the array of Factory Presets to find a setting that suits any style of music. And don’t stop with guitars — Saturated Fat is great on drum tracks too!

Combine the Cabinet Modeler, selecting from a list of small, medium, large, acoustic and bass amps, with the Drive Level and the on-board 7-Band EQ to build custom distortions that can be saved and recalled as User Presets. No more (loud) amplifier setups to contend with, just plug any instrument into the D8B and start playing! Saturated Fat’s distinctive distortion types and amplifier models will give you killer sounds instantly.

  • Cabinet Modeling – Cabinet models feature a variety of small and medium enclosures, larger 4x12s, bass and acoustic cabinets.

  • Over 40 editable distortion types – Proprietary algorithms edited to create a vast collection of factory presets.

  • Distortion Graph – Visualize your distortion as it’s plotted on a movable X/Y graph.

  • Drive – Control, edit and save your distortion drives with this easy-to-use slider that is attached to the Drive Graph and the numeric read-out.

  • 7-Band (post drive) Equalizer – A 7-Band Graphic Equalizer section (with bands from 100hz to 6.4k) has been specifically selected to be musically appropriate for use with distortion.

  • Master Level – The Master Level con trols the final output stage, post distortion and EQ.

  • Factory presets – This collection of Hot Presets features distortion types and cabinet models from almost every style imaginable. Over

  • 60 classic presets for guitar, drums, bass, mix, Low-Fi and more.

  • Build Your Own – Combine the Cabinet Modeler with Drive and EQ to create your own custom distortions that can be save and recalled as a user presets.

  • Assign Saturated Fat – as a pre or post insert, or to an aux bus, and recall all parameters in your D8B session.

  • Automation – As with all D8B plugins, all parameters of Saturated Fat can be automated as part of your D8B session.

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 24kHz

  • Drive Range: 0-80dB

  • EQ Center Frequencies: (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400Hz ) These frequencies have been specifically selected to be musically appropriate for use with distortion.

  • Individual Band Range: each of the seven sliders range from -12dB to +12dB

  • Master Level Range: off to +12dB

  • Routing: pre or post insert, auxiliary, master L/R

  • Input/ Output Meters: Off to 0dB

  • Cabinet Types: 14


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