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Mackie Delay Factor

Model: Delay Factor
16 Tap Stereo Delay with Modulation

Setting up a stereo, ping-pong, or multi-tap delay has never been easier! Delay Factor� has a large, intuitive display field which allows you to drag and drop any of the 16 delay taps, simultaneously editing both the delay time and the output panning. Fine tuning the delay to match the beat of the song is even easier; just dial in the BPM or tap in the tempo, and select the interval you want to quantize to - note, whole note, triplet, etc. All taps will simultaneously 'snap' to the correct interval.

Adjusting all the other parameters is easy too. All values for a single tap are automatically displayed on easy to adjust sliders when you click on the tap in the display field. Set the level, regeneration, regeneration panning, or the tap's filter. Each tap has a 4th order high and low pass filter to allow you to narrow in on any portion of the input. And of course, all parameters are automated through the D8B's automation engine, and all parameters can be stored or recalled as a preset.

  • Drag and Drop delay taps to adjust pan and delay time setting

  • Tape Delay modelling on each tape - as you change delay times you hear the tap move smoothly. No more "click-click-click" of digital delay lines!

  • Delay Field shows only enabled taps. Left and Right delay Taps are color coded and positioned graphically in the Delay Field

  • 8 Taps per delay (left and right) for a total of 16 taps, with individual parameters for Enable, Output Level and Pan, Regen Level and

  • Pan, Delay Time, High Pass and Low Pass Filters

  • Full (100%) regeneration capability for infinite delay looping effects

  • Adjust all delay times at once using the global Tempo control, and quantize all times at once using the global Quantize control.

  • High and Low Pass filters are each 4th order with frequency adjustment in approximately 1/12 octave steps

  • Automation fully integrated with D8B

  • Save and recall presets

  • Delay Time is sample accurate when scaled by global Tempo control

  • Tape speed up/slow down 'pitch' control is globally adjustable
    over a 2 octave range

  • Time: 5 - 1105 milliseconds

  • Number of delay taps: 8 left, 8 right

  • Regen: 0 to 100%

  • LFO Waveforms: "Sine," "Triangle," "Sawtooth," "Inverse Sawtooth," "Square," "Envelope 1," "Envelope 2"

  • Tap level range: off to +12 dB

  • High pass filter: 4th order (24 dB/octave)

  • Low pass filter: 4th order (24 dB/octave)

  • Filter range: 20Hz to 20.2kHz

  • Tempo: 60 - 240 BPM

  • Delay time quantization: off to 4:1

  • Speed: 60 - 2400 cents

  • Acceleration: 0 - 11

  • Input gains: off to 0.0dB


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