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Mackie Pro Audio Lab

Model: Pro Audio Lab
Sophisticated Audio Measurement plug-in for the d8b

Pro Audio Lab is an audio measurement plug-in for the Mackie d8b UFX Card that offers a broad cross section of sophisticated metering and generation tools. Pro Audio Lab includes finely calibrated stereo & mono level metering, an octave selectable spectrum analyzer, and a stereo X/Y phase meter and a phase scope. With a built-in tone generator, Pro Audio Lab provides various oscillator types including Guitar, Bass, and Piano reference tones, tri-frequency slate tone generator, variable waveform oscillator, and noise generator with burst capabilities.

Pro Audio Lab's screen is divided into two fundamental categories: Analysis and Generation. Each can be individually configured to display the desired Analysis meters and Generation tools. Every ballistic meter can be enlarged using the mouse to "zoom in" for a finer view of the selected meter.

Pro Audio Lab will become indispensable throughout the pre-production/recording/mixing process. Use the noise generator and spectrum analyzer to tune your studio before the clients arrive. Please use the guitar and bass tuning references before pressing record. The advanced metering and phase analysis will help you achieve the perfect Final Mix. With the d8b v5.1 OS plug-in chaining feature, you can use the Pro Audio Lab on your main mix along with any other plug-in(s) you desire.


Level Meters
- Peak Level
- VU
- Loudness
- Sum and Difference
- Correlation
- Loudness Balance
- All Meters can be expanded to a large screen view (picture)

Spectrum Analyzer
- Left/Right/Mono/Stereo
- 1, 2/3. / 1/2., 1/3, 1/6 (mono only) Octave Views
- 20 Hz to 20 kHz
- Adjustable Range from 0 dB to -96 dB
- Peak Hold and Freeze Display option
- Adjustable Reference Level Indicator 0 dB to -60 dB

Phase Analyzer
- Phase Meter
-Sum and Difference
- Correlation
-Loudness Balance
-Phase Scope

Noise Generator
- Pink/ White Noise
- Burst/Pause Ratio
- Variable Total Time and Repetitions
- Level
- On/Off/Momentary

Slate Tone Generator
- Three Frequency Select
- Three Frequency On/Off
- Burst/Pause Ratio
- Variable Total Time
- Level
- On/Off/Momentary

- Selectable Wave Forms - sine, saw-tooth, square, acuma
- Coarse and Fine Frequency Adjustments
- Level
- On/Off/Momentary

Piano Tuning Reference
- Note Select
- Selectable Wave Forms - sine, Acuma
- Octave and Cents Adjustment
- Level
- On/Off/Momentary

Guitar Tuning Reference
- String Select
- Selectable Wave Forms - Sine, acuma
- Octave and Cents adjustment per string
- Capo Position
- Tuning Presents: Factory and User Definable
- On/Off/Momentary

Base Tuning Reference
- String Select
- Selectable Wave Forms - Sine, Acuma
- Octave and Cents adjustment per string
- Capo Position
- Tuning Presents: Factory and User Definable
- 4,5 or 6 string select
- On/Off/Momentary

A440 Tuning Reference
- Selectable Wave Forms - Sine, Acuma
- Cents Adjustment
- On/Off/Momentary

General Specifications



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