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Mackie DSR-1

Model: DSR-1
Three-band frequency controlled "De-Esser" dynamic processor

Three-band frequency controlled "De-Esser" dynamic processor

The DSR-1 is a highly accurate, frequency controlled, three-band dynamic processor that enables you to quickly isolate and correct unwanted sibilance found in vocal recordings of singers and speakers. The DSR-1 reduces annoying sibilance and popping sounds that are often found in recordings without loosing the crisp top-end clarity. Don�t let the simple chicken head controls and the funky retro-look fool you; the DSR-1 is a highly professional tool that is ideal for editing vocals, instruments, and other sources.

The DSR-1 is an invaluable D8B plug-in that can save otherwise great recordings by eliminating troublesome �Ess� frequencies. The DSR-1 employs frequency controlled compression to reduce problematic �Ess� that often occurs in recordings of singers and speakers. Using the Frequency and Width controls to zero in on specific problem areas, an internal keying device known as Listen allows you to solo or (Listen) to the isolated sibilant frequency that you want to compress. The DSR-1 can also help to reduce shrill, high-pitched sounds that may accompany bass guitars, wind instruments, or other acoustic instruments. With a series of useful presets designed for male and female vocals, spoken word and other instruments, the DSR-1 promises to make even the toughest job easy to correct. As with all D8B plug-ins, you can automate any of the DSR-1�s parameters and save your adjustments as part of a D8B session.

  • Frequency dependant De-Essing � Reduces problematic �Ess� without loss of clarity

  • High Pass Filter � Helps to clean up unwanted artifacts such as microphone pops

  • Frequency � Sets the Ess center point for exact de-esser processing

  • Width � Adjusts the bandwidth of a selected frequency

  • Built In DC Filter � Eliminates DC offset from the input signal

  • Listen � Enables you to hear the isolated �Ess� frequency band

  • Vintage look � Funky, easy-to-use interface

  • Write Button � Automates your edits into the D8B session

  • Memory A/B � Two convenient storage banks for A/B comparison

  • Enable/Disable � Bypasses processing

  • Menu � Load Preset, Save, Save As, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc

  • Factory/User Presets � Male, Female Vocal, Instrumental, etc

  • Threshold � Adjusts the band energy level at which �Ess� band compression starts occurring

  • Ratio � Adjusts the amount of compression applied to the band

  • Metering � Individual input, output, S band, and gain reduction meters

  • De-Essing of vocal recordings

  • Spoken word, Broadcast voice-over

  • Eliminate high shrill noise from bass, wind instruments and other sources

  • Reduce fret and string noise on acoustic string instruments

  • TV, Theater and Film vocal applications

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