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Mackie d8b v5

Model: d8b v5
The latest operating system for Mackie's flagship digital mixer

A Great New Look for An All-New OS!

From the very first glance, you�ll notice that the new D8B V5 OS has a great new look and is chock full of cool new features and improvements. And after using v5 for a while, you�ll discover that there is much more to this OS than a new coat of paint. With the advent of the v5 OS, virtually every D8B screen features new graphics, new features, and increased functionality.


New HUI Layer
Now you can use your D8B as a controller for Pro Tools™ and any other HUI supported DAW.

Improved FAT Channel Functionality

Enhancements to the FAT Channel include: an improved EQ algorithm, Compressor with Limiting, Gate with Expansion Mode, Dynamics EQ with full selection of EQ type, Channel Aux sends with On/Off function, and gate trigger control via MIDI.

More Ways to See What's Happening

With the completely redesigned GUI, take advantage of: top and bottom on screen meters channel and master meters; expanded views for EQ, Compressor, Gate, and Dynamics EQ; and Digital/Analog Fat Channel Meter view and extended higher resolution Fat Channel Meter display among other graphical enhancements. You also get exportable Session/Track notes and on-screen HTML help.

Effects Routing

Effect Input and Output can be independently configured, which allows you to assign plug-ins to FX returns, masters, buses or a channel DSP insert, and also lets you chain multiple plug-ins on one channel.

Event Editor Integrated Into Mix Editor
All events are now displayed as tabs on the Mix Editor and Events can now be added, removed, edited, moved, locked, and muted from Mix Editor. Also, Event Automation can be committed to Dynamic Automation.

5.1 Surround Monitoring Built In
Now you can control your 5.1 surround monitoring right from your D8B. Among other new functions, the analog surround outputs have independent level controls from digital surround outputs. You can also set up appropriate levels digitally sent to the surround recorder and set up different listening levels without external surround controller. The master speaker V-Pot also enables you to control the master surround speaker level.

Use V3 Style EQ
A Use V3 Style EQ preference has been added to the Mix Options window. This global setting is saved with the session and allows complete backward compatibility with version 3 sessions.

HUI Mode Improvements
Cut, Copy, Paste, and Shift/Add buttons were added to the HUI layer since Build 427, and Undo was moved to the Undo button. More functional buttons are now displayed on-screen.

Modify Levels
Modify Levels for Trim Faders is now calibrated in dB steps for improved ease of use.

Vertical Channel Linking
You can now link a channel to a channel directly above or below it, between the Mic/Line and Tape Return banks (Banks 1 and 2 only). This allows you to control up to 24 stereo sources from a single bank.

Peak Hold Option

A Peak Hold option was added to the TOP meter view. This is enabled from the Options/Meters menu.

Overload Indicators
Overload indicators can now be manually cleared by clicking on them, or clear all overloads by pressing F10 or selecting Clear Over Loads from the Options/ Meters menu.

Hot Keys
Hot Keys have been added for Show HUI Layer (F5), HUI mode On/Off (Shift+F5), and Meter Type in GUI (F6 = Pre Fader, F7 = Post Fader, F8 = Post Fader/Mute).

Rec Rdy MIDI Map

Record Ready can now be mapped in the MIDI Map window.

Surround Panner in Fat Channel
A Surround Panner replaces the Pan control in the Fat Channel when a surround mode is selected.

Copy Mix To Bus
You can now optionally remove the selected channels from the L-R bus when copying.

Fat Channel dB Readout
The Fat Channel now indicates the fader level in dB.

Updated Help Files
The Help files have been updated to version 5.1.

  • Completely customizable layouts; users can even map parameters of multiple devices on a single C4 page

  • Integrated layout editor allows user to apply custom labeling to upper row of scribble strip, for easy to read and navigate custom layouts

  • Use C4 hardware buttons to select different layouts, choose screen spits, and more

  • Ships with pre-existing library of more than 180 instruments and effects processors, plus ability for user to create new profiles

  • Ideal for keyboard players, recording engineers, guitarists, sound designers and more

  • Works on both Mac and PC; uses very little CPU power

General Specifications



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