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DXC-D55 Series Digital Video Camera (Discontinued)
This model has been discontinued
The new DXC-D55 system camera is an enhanced replacement for the DXC-D50. One of the best selling system cameras ever made. The main improvement is to the Analogue to Digital Converter. This is a key component that converts the Analogue video signal from the CCD, into digital form, for the signal processing that follows.

The DXC-D55 now has a 14 bit ADC, which provides 4 times the conversion resolution of its predecessor.The increased bit depth brings improved resolution, transparency and stability to the camera output and an overall level of performance not seen at this price point before, especially as the prices for equivalent system packages have not been changed.

The DXC-D55 is available as a 4:3 only model - DXC-D55P and a switch-able 16:9 and 4:3 model - DXC-D55WSP. All system components and accessories remain available and compatible.

Model: DXC-D55WSPL

Note : Lens is optional item

  • State of the art widescreen Power HAD EX CCD

  • The DXC-D55 series cameras include a new 16:9 format Power HAD EX CCD, the same as is used for the BVP-E10/WS series. Thanks to the superb CCD performance, the DXC-D55 series offers improved smear level of -140dB, which is equivalent to FIT type CCD.

  • 14-bit A/D converter

  • The use of a 14-bit resolution Analogue to Digital converter ensures that pictures are processed with great precision. Compared to previous cameras in this class, which only offer 12 bit resolution, the DXC-D55 is able to provide more faithful handling of low-key and mid-tone areas of the picture.

  • New Advanced Digital Signal Processing

  • Another critical factor when assessing camera quality is how many bits are used in non-linear processes, such as gamma correction. The use of Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) built into an innovative LSI using 0.18-micron processing technology, provides comprehensive and precise control functions, as well as maintaining the superior image quality from the CCD. Thanks to this, and the use of a digital encoder, very low power consumption can be achieved to ensure very comfortable operation and stable signal processing.

  • Creative Image Control

  • The DXC-D55 series cameras add several innovative control items, to provide comprehensive image adjustments.

    Knee Saturation avoids any 'washed out' appearance in highlight areas

    Low Key Saturation maintains the colour of objects in the shadow areas.

    Skin Matrix Saturation and Hue of Skin Tones can be adjusted separately.

    Adaptive Highlight Control (Auto Knee Mode) In most conventional cameras, only a single Knee-point/slope is available for control over highlights. In contrast, the DXC-D55/WS series provides multiple knee-points/slopes to utilize the dynamic range of the camera more effectively.

    Cross-Colour Suppression uses comb-filtering to eliminate unpleasant cross colour and cross luminance on fine details.

    Black Gamma Control This is to control the brightness of the shadow areas.

  • Memory Stick system for storage/recall of parameters

  • The DXC-D55/D55WS incorporates the Sony Memory Stick system, enabling you to store and recall parameter-parameter files for individual scene or camera set-up preferences. The set-up parameter files stored on a Memory Stick media card can be transferred to another DXC-D55/D55WS camera or a RCP-D50/D51 remote control unit, allowing quick, easy set-up in multiple camera systems. What's more, the set-up files can be loaded to a PC equipped with a Memory Stick slot, enabling them to be e-mailed as attachments and applied to cameras at remote locations.



Optional Wireless Intercom

Sennheiser DW800i Wireless Intercom with 5xHigh quality head set CC510
With Complete Accessories
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Offer VSS-17
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USD 2000
Offer  VSS-19
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USD 2500
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Fujinon “A” or Canon “J” and “YJ” 2/3” bayonet mount CCD lenses
RCP-D50: Remote control panel with Memory Stick storage and Joystick Iris/M Black control
RCP-D51: Remote control panel with Memory Stick storage and Joystick Iris/M Black control
DXF-51: 5” (Viewable area, measured diagonally) studio viewfinder
LC-424TH:  Shipping case made by Thermodyne (TH) or Cal Plastics (CP)
CCU-D50: Multicore type Camera Control Unit
CAC-12:  Microphone Holder
CA-D50: Camera adapter for Multicore with SDI and teleprompter output
VCT-U14:  Tripod mount plate
CCZ-ADXX: Multicore digital cable 26 pin/26 pin  (“XX” length in meters) with 150 maximum length
CCU-TX50: Triax camera control unit (CCU)
CA-TX50: Triax camera adapter with dual channel intercom and Teleprompter output
DXF-801: 1.5 inches ENG viewfinder
CCTA-XXX:  ½ inch triax cable (XXX is cable length in meters)
CCTB-XXX:  3/8 inch triax cable (XXX is cable length in meters)

DXC-D55/55WS (camera head only) MAIN SPECIFICATIONS:

Imager: three 2/3 inch CCD’s Power HAD EX  type
Built in Filters: clear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND
Horizontal Resolution: 920 TV lines (DXC-D55H) typical
                                       : 850 TV lines (4:3) 800 TV lines (16:9) DXC-D55WS
Sensitivity: F11 at 2000 lx
Gain selection: -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 65 dB typical (NTSC)
Power Requirement: 12 VDC at 14W
Optional item CCU-D50P, CA-D50, CC-TX50P, CA-TX50P

*Available only as service parts.

Product Configurations DXC-D55WSPH DXC-D55WSPL
Camera Head Yes Yes
Camera Handle* Yes Yes
Viewfinder DXF-801* (includes microphone holder) Option Yes
Tripod Adaptor VCT-U14 Option Yes

External Microphone*

Option Yes

Zoom Lens (VCL-920BY

Option Option


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Optional Accessories

DSR-1P Dockable Recorder

PVV-3P Betacam SP 2000PRO Dockable Recorder

CA-D50 Camera Adaptor

CA-TX7P Camera Adaptor

CCU-D50P Camera Control Unit

CCU-TX7P Camera Control Unit

COU-TX7 Camera Operational Unit

DXBK-701 SDI Output Board

RCP-D50 Remote Control Panel (Joystick Type)

RCP-D51 Remote Control Panel (Dial ControlType)

RM-M7G Remote Control Unit

BP-IL75 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack


BP-M50 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack

BP-M100 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack

BKW-L601 Battery Adaptor

BC-M150 Ni-MH & Li-ion Battery Charger

BC-M50 Ni-MH & Li-ion Battery Charger

CMA-8ACE AC Adaptor

ECM-672 Electret Condenser Microphone (U)

EC-0.3C2 Microphone cable

CAC-12 Camera Microphone Holder


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