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DSR-1800P Editing Recorder PAL version
Discontinued replaced by DSR-1800AP

Editing Recorder


  • Superb picture quality of the DVCAM format

  • Playbackcapability of DV (25 Mb/s) recorded tapes including DV tapes recorded in SP mode and DVCPRO tapes

    without a mechanical adaptor(SDTI (QSDI) and i.LINK (DV) interfaces do not support DVCPRO playback.)

  • Long recording time: up to 184 minutes with a standard-size cassette and 40 minutes with a mini-size cassette

  • Preread playback capability to perform audio mix/swap and over dubbing without any delay between video and audio signals

  • Four-channel audio editing capability

  • Audio cross-fade function

  • Excellent jog audio capability

  • DMC (Dynamic Motion Control)

  • Digital slow speed from -0.5 to +0.5 times normal speed

  • High-speed picture search over a range of 60 times normal speed, in both forward and reverse

  • Versatile digital interfaces (The optional boards are required): SDI , SDTI(QSDI) , i.LINK (DV) and AES/EBU digital audio.

  • Extensive analog interfaces: composite, component, S-Video and XLR audio

  • RS-422A remote control interface *Frame accurate editing capability

  • ClipLink operation *Full tape dubbing with ClipLink Log Data

  • 16:9 aspect ID signal recording

  • Video process control of analog and digital outputs

  • TC and V ITC*Channel condition monitoring function

  • Built-in signal generator *Flexible input selection between video and audio(*)

  • Universal powering system (AC 100 V to 240 V)

  • Three-size cassette compartment to ensure compatibility with DV(25Mb/s) recorded tapes of all size and types*Closed caption function

    (*) i.LINK cannot be combined with other signal interfaces.

Supplied Accessories

AC Power cord (1)

Operating instructions (1)


Optional Accessories

DSBK-1801 SDI,AES/EBU Input/Output Board (for DSR-1800P)

DSBK-1802 SDTI(QSDI) Input/Output Board (for DSR-1800P)

DSBK-1803 i.LINK/DV Input/Output Board

UVR-60P TBC Remote Controller

RMM-131 Rack Mount Kit

RCC-G cables 9-pin/9-pin Cable

CCF-L cables DV Cables (6-pin to 6-pin)

CCFD-L cables DV Cables (6-pin to 4-pin)

PDV-CL Video Head Cleaning Cassette Tapes (for DVCAM)

PDV-MEM Digital Videocassette Tapes (Master Tape)

PDV-N Digital Videocassette Tapes (Non IC type)

DV-ME Digital Videocassette Tapes



PAL Version



Sony DSR-1800P

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