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Sony DSR-25  ( This model has been discontinued )C )


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The DVCAM Recorder For A Wide Range of Applications

The DSR-25 is a DVCAM Digital Video Recorder specially designed for use in DV-based nonlinear editing suites. In operations ranging from those in small production houses to corporate institutions and from video journalism to event videography, the DSR-25 is ideal as a source feeder or recorder. It is also an ideal tool for uploading and downloading video to and from i.LINK® equipped and compatible nonlinear editing systems. In addition, the DSR-25 features easy one-touch duplication, the capability to preset user bits and time codes, a built-in tape counter, and a wireless remote.

  • DSR-25 Playback Compatibility with the DV (25Mb/s) Format
    The DVCAM format maintains playback compatibility with the consumer DV format (SP Mode).

  • DSR-25 Dual-size Cassette Mechanism
    The DSR-25 has a dual-size cassette mechanism that accepts both mini and standard size DVCAM and DV cassette tapes without using any special adaptor.

  • DSR-25 Long-duration Recording Capability
    A recording time of up to 184 minutes is possible with a standard-size cassette (PDV-184ME), while the mini cassette (PDVM-40ME) allows up to 40 minutes.

  • DSR-25 Capability of Recording in the DV (SP) Format
    Should a longer record time than those available with the DVCAM format be desired, the DSR-25 is capable of recording in the DV format. In DV format, the DSR-25 offers 270 minutes of recording with the standard-size cassette.

  • 525/625 Switchable
    he DSR-25 is built with the flexibility for switchable operation in 525/625 environments.

  • DSR-25 i.LINK Interface
    The DSR-25 is equipped with a 4-pin i.LINK (DV) interface based on the IEEE1394 standard.

  • DSR-25 Built-in LCD Front Panel Monitor
    The DSR-25 is equipped with a 2-inch, high resolution color LCD monitor that can be menu set-up to display working images, audio level and system status while editing.


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