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DSR-390PL   ( Discontinued replaced by DSR-400PL )



DVCAM Camcorder  dsr390pl dsr390p dsr-390 buy

A compact and powerful solution for both

field and studio applications


Ever since their introduction, the Sony DSR-500WS Series and DSR-300 Series of Digital Camcorders have shown the many distinct advantages of using the DVCAM™ format in the field. Today, they are in service around the world in a variety of applications, from video journalism and newsgathering to event videography, field and studio production, independent moviemaking and much more.


The DSR-570WS*1 and DSR-390*2 are the newest top-of-the-line Sony DVCAM camcorders that add further enhancements to their predecessors.


As well as combining the excellent performance of the DVCAM format with a variety of advanced camera features, these camcorders allow studio operation via CCU control. Both camcorders come equipped with the Sony 26-pin connector, which enables connection to either a Sony CCU-D50*3 for use in the studio, or to a portable VTR for high-quality EFP applications.

Special attention to their ergonomic designs has resulted in extremely lightweight and compact units, providing maximum operational comfort when used on the shoulder or mounted on a tripod.


The DSR-570WS and DSR-390 herald a new level of quality, versatility and convenience for virtually any application, ranging from ENG to EFP and to multi-camera studio operations.




Sony DSR-390PL



DSR-390PL  PAL without Lens

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DSR-390PL PAL with Canon 19 x Zoom lens

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DSR-390PL PAL  with  Fujinon  16 x Zoom Lens

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*1 "DSR-570WS" refers to both the DSR-570WS (NTSC model) and DSR-570WSP (PAL model).

*2 "DSR-390" refers to both the DSR-390 (NTSC model) and DSR-390P (PAL model).

*3 "CCU-D50" refers to both the CCU-D50 (NTSC model) and CCU-D50P (PAL model).


DSR-390 Features

1/2-inch type Power HAD CCD

The DSR-390 is equipped with three 1/2-inch type Power HAD CCDs, each with a high density of 380,000 pixels (NTSC)/430,000 pixels (PAL). These extremely high-performance 1/2-inch type CCDs provide an outstanding sensitivity of F13 (at 2000 lx, 3200 K), a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 65 dB (NTSC)/62 dB (PAL), and a low vertical smear level of -115 dB.


Individual cover for audio control switches

An individual cover for the audio control switches allows audio input selections to be made while the main camera control area is kept concealed.


Hyper Gain

At the flick of a switch, the Hyper Gain function enables shooting in the dark by drastically boosting the electronic gain. Using the Viewfinder (VF) Menu system, the Hyper Gain level can be set to a maximum of 42 dB for the DSR-570WS, or 36 dB for the DSR-390. This allows shooting in as low as 0.25 lx and 0.4 lx respectively.


Camera Setup Files

A total of eight camera-setup files are provided and displayed by the Viewfinder Menu system. The five factory preset files – Standard, High Saturation, Fluorescent, Film-like and S-VHS/VHS – allow operators to instantly setup the camera to match particular shooting conditions. For instance, by selecting the Film-like mode, camera settings including camera gamma and color matrix are automatically setup to give the output a film-like look. In addition to these five factory settings, three user files are available to customize camera parameters for frequently used shooting environments. With the SetupNavi™ function, the user files and factory-preset files can also be stored on the VAUX portion of a DVCAM tape.


The DSR-390 is a high-quality DVCAM camcorder designed specifically for 4:3 aspect ratio acquisition. With its three high-performance 1/2-inch type Power HAD™ CCDs, it boasts a high resolution of 800 TV lines and packs the same functionality as the DSR-570WSPL.


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DSR-390PL   PAL model without Lens

DSR-390PK1 PAL model with VCL-719BX19 x Zoom lens

DSR-390PK2 PAL mode with  VCL-716BX -  16 x Zoom Lens


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