Video Solutions VSS-10B Portable Teleprompters

VideoSolutions VSS-10B Teleprompter
VideoSolutions VSS-10B   

Video Solution VSS-10B/VSS-10BT Portable Teleprompters

Product Code: VSS10B
VSS-10B Teleprompter Buy Sell Sales Video Solutions VSS-10B
VSS-10BT Teleprompter Buy Sell Sales Video Solutions VSS-10BT



  • Can be used with any standard tripod
  • Lightweight and cost-effective teleprompters
  • Designed for use out of studios
  • Counterbalance do not require for this teleprompter


Designed for use out of studios. Provides the projection of a readable text to the translucent glass located in front of lenses of the videocamera. Titles are completely reflected in the direction of the announcer, not to get in video signal. Shootings are possible with any types of videocameras. Can be used with any standard tripod (3/8 inch fastening). The back part of supporting platform allows use it with cameras of different size by changing of supporting coolumns .The construction is folding.
When folded it can go in 500 x 280 x 120 mm carring case. This model don't need any additional counterbalance.

Includes a tube with a translucent mirror in the sizes 230 x 230 mm, bearing platform, 10-inch TFT monitor, specialized software VSPro, carring case. Prompter can be equipped with two types of mirrors: the usual 70/30 or Ultra Clear, broadcast quality with AR coating and 70/30 or 60/40 of transparency

Weight with the monitor: 4 kg