Video Solutions VSS-19S Teleprompter

VideoSolutions VSS-19S Teleprompter
VideoSolutions VSS-19S   

Video Solutions VSS-19S Teleprompter

Product Code: VSS19S

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  • Increased rigidity
  • Ability to use a lens servo control
  • Broadcast quality beamsplitter 70/30 or 60/40 with AR coating
  • The ability to use any size cameras
  • The ability to easily remove the mirror
  • Versatile mounting elements

Telepr ompter VSS-19S are constructed under the traditional scheme and intended for a projection of the readable text to the translucent glass located in front of lenses of videocamera. Titles are completely reflected in a direction of the announcer, not to get in video signal. Provides video shootings with any types of videocameras.

The VSS-19s set includes a tube with a translucent mirror in the sizes 450 x 400 mm, supporting platform, 19-inch color TFT monitor with cables, control foot-pedal with a cable, specialized software VSPrompte2.0b. Prompter can be equipped with two types of mirrors: the usual 70/30 or Ultra Clear, broadcast quality with AR coating and 70/30 or 60/40 of transparency.


The platform is made with easy aluminium structure and has sliding mounting plates for a pedestal or tripod, videocamera, counterbalance and mobile mounting brackets for a tube with the mirror and monitor. The 10 meters standard length cable serves for the connection of the pedal to the base computer via USB. The option: at the customer’s request it’s possible to increase this length up to 200 m. Besides using the foot pedal, scrolling control of the text can be also provided by ShuttleExpress (of Contour Designe).


The option: 10 meters length RGB cable provides the connection of TFT monitor and the base computer. The option: it is possible to increase the cable length up to 200 m in case of using the monitor with a composite video input and presence of a corresponding output at the computer. It is possible to provide also by converter Video-VGA (look converter Video-> VGA ) or by ready set of VGA extender (look at the VGA extender )


The MS Windows-based ( 98(SE), ME, 2000, XP, 7) software VSPrompter 2.0b ( 5,2 Mb) make use of Rich Edit text format (RTF). VSPro allows to prepare announcer’s texts (Edit mode) and their scrolling (play modes).


Play modes: - smooth scrolling with adjustable speed; - page submission. Play control is made by means of a keyboard, a mouse or the mentioned three foot buttons pedal.


Requirements to base computer: CPU with clock frequency not less than 300Mhz, RAM not less than 32Mb, UDMA HDD with an empty place not less than 500Mb, the videoadapter with two SVGA outputs for supporting a two-monitor operating mode (or two SVGA videoadapters with 8 Mb memory size).