Video Solutions VSS-19F/VSS-19FT Teleprompter

VideoSolutions VSS-19F Teleprompter
VideoSolutions VSS-19F   

Video Solutions VSS-19F/VSS-19FT Teleprompter

Product Code: VSS19F


VSS-19F Teleprompter Buy Sell Sales Video Solutions VSS-19F
VSS-19FT Teleprompter Buy Sell Sales Video Solutions VSS-19FT


  • Lightweight teleprompter
  • Height adjustable camera-mount platform
  • Made of lightweight aluminium extrusions
  • The ability to use any size cameras
  • Suitable for studio and outside use

Universal folding model VSS-19F is lightweight teleprompter kit that allows to mounting cameras of different size for working in studio and outside. The construction is made of lightweight aluminum extrusions and it is weight balanced for tripod mount and does not require counterweight. The camera mount platform is height-adjustable. The mirror assembly and camera mount platform can fold flat for easy transporting.

A complete package includes LCD monitor, hood with mirror, camera mount platform, tripod mount plate, software and foot-pedal. Can be completed with optional talent feedback monitor ( model VSS-19FT). Option - hard carring case. Prompter can be equipped with two types of mirrors: the usual 70/30 or Ultra Clear, broadcast quality with AR coating and 70/30 or 60/40 of transparency

The MS Windows-based ( 98 (SE), ME, 2000, XP, 7) software VSPrompter 2.0b ( 5,2 Mb) make use of Rich Edit text format (RTF). VSPro allows to prepare announcer’s texts (Edit mode) and their scrolling (play modes).

Play modes: - smooth scrolling with adjustable speed; - page submission.
Play control is made by means of a keyboard, a mouse or the mentioned three foot buttons pedal.

Requirements to base computer: CPU with clock frequency not less than 300Mhz, RAM not less than 32Mb, UDMA HDD with an empty place not less than 500Mb, the videoadapter with two SVGA outputs for supporting a two-monitor operating mode (or two SVGA videoadapters with 8 Mb memory size).
Weight with the monitor: 8kg