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Vision Systems Vinten have created complete Lightweight systems that are simple to operate straight from the case, providing a more convenient way of buying a camera control solution. The systems consist of a Vision lightweight pan and tilt head, spreader (mid-level or floor), either a single or two stage tripod (carbon fibre or aluminium), a pan bar (some systems have two), a soft system case and a comprehensive multi-language operator guide, making your initial set-up trouble-free.

All our systems are based around your camera configuration. To help you select the ideal system, you could talk to any one of our trained customer support team members or you could look at the "What Camera, Which Head" feature on this website. Here you simply enter your camera model to find the perfect pan and tilt head for your camera. Should you chose not to purchase a complete system, the website will also present you with a series of operational options which will guide you to our recommended range of tripods, spreaders and dollies.


Vinten Tripods System
Vinten Tripods System









Tripods, Spreaders & Dollies Picture quality relies as much upon the rigidity and stability of the camera support as it does on the smoothness of the pan and tilt head. All Vinten tripod systems have been designed to optimise rigidity without compromising operational essentials such as weight, reliability, maintenance and speed of set-up.

Clearances in tripod design allow an element of movement necessary for quick setup and effective clamping. When the clamps are locked this clearance is minimised eliminating the distraction of uncontrollable "free" movement, particularly noticeable when framing long, tight shots in windy conditions.

Drag forces a tripod to twist, forcing the camera to "spring back" at the end of a move, making precise shot framing and minor adjustments extremely difficult. The torsional rigidity of the tripod is the only thing that will minimise spring back and is therefore a feature taken very seriously by Vinten.

The choice of spreader will always influence stability but is ultimately determined by the conditions you work in. A ground spreader is by far the most stable device. However, it is ideally suited to flat, hard surfaces. A mid-level spreader is better for rough terrain or confined spaces as the feet are free to fit the conditions, but it can be at the cost of picture stability.

Vinten understand the issues surrounding shot stability and optimise the design of each element within the tripod system to ensure you get the very best performance possible, in any condition you find yourself working.

Vinten Tripods System


Heads Vinten offer a wide range of pan and tilt heads to suit every application and camera configuration from event videography to OB sports coverage.

The Protouch range is ideally suited to Event, Corporate and Educational Videography and is a very cost effective solution for professional camera operators using Mini DV format camcorders.

The popular Vision range is perfect for ENG and EFP production, offering unsurpassed control for cameras ranging from the top end DV camcorder through to full facility EFP configurations.

For Studio and OB production, Vinten offer the most complete camera control solution from the simple "Petrel" pan and tilt head to the award-winning Vector range.


Vinten Tripods System







Over the years, Vinten have created a number of pedestals to suit a variety of styles, applications and budgets. Pedestals provide a number of advantages, but the real benefit of a balanced pedestal column is that it assists movement, enables precise camera elevation and avoids the effort and extra concentration needed to control an unbalanced camera, allowing the operator to pay full attention to shot framing.

Perfect balance of the camera configuration is at the forefront of all Vinten innovations. Pro-Ped, Osprey, Quartz and Quattro pedestals all utilise precisely engineered and patented systems, providing smooth, controllable camera balance.

Studio noise levels are also a key consideration when selecting equipment, encouraging Vinten to develop new tyre compositions that create far less disturbance than traditional materials. Vinten also use only the very best bearings and tracks, ensuring column elevation noise is minimal. Sound deadening materials are used to minimize noise further still.

The Vinten range of pedestals offer the very best in camera control and freedom of movement to actively encourage creativity

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