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Miller makes tripods, fluid heads and numerous accessories for professional video users. The company R. E. Miller Pty Ltd works in the name of Miller Camera Support Equipment. Miller is a self-made producer of camera support products which works from Australia. Miller is not only famous in Australia, but is also getting recognized worldwide. Miller has become more popular because of its new ideas and themes in designing products and materials for broadcast and film production. Eric Miller who was an Australian engineer established Miller Camera Support Equipment in 1954. His invention of fluid head led him to start a new company to manufacture fluid heads and tripods. He also created Miller Viscosity Drag at the same time which brought remarkable changes in image quality in films because of the user-variable dampening to the pan and tilt movements of the camera option.

Miller's main products are tripods and fluid heads as well as several Miller manufactured accessories such as dollies, monopods, spreaders and pedestals for professional camera support system. Miller products are getting more familiar with people because of their functionality, operability and durability. Miller products have not only gained fame in Australia but are also imported by US, UK and European countries since 1958 due to its high quality.

Miller fluid heads are compact, reliable and lightweight which are available in different head sizes such as 75mm, 100mm, 150mm. Miller fluid heads are capable to hold the weight up to 45kg. Miller fluid heads sound good and gives satisfaction to the users that is the achievement of Miller.

Miller tripods are strong, lightweight and dust proof and they are also able to maintain their strength and features under extreme weather conditions and variations in temperature. Miller tripods are made up of different kinds of materials such as alloy, rubber, aluminium and carbon fiber. There are various kinds of tripods available in Miller. They are Toggle (lightweight with standard locks), Solo (lightweight without spreader), Sprinter ( lightweight and easy to setup) and HD (powerful and strong). They come with various head sizes such as 75mm, 100mm, 150mm.

Miller camera support systems are widely used in electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP) and digital video applications. It has been used in different industries like production houses, corporate, educational and government institutions around the world.

Expandore is the  main dealer for Miller products in Singapore. We offer all Miller products including spare parts . Expandore has been a great partner to our customers not because of the price we have been offering, but has gone extra miles to advise customers by recommending the best fit of the tripods based on their needs.We are the most trustworthy re-seller of Miller products in Singapore as we feel honoured to be able to get the most value for money products for the customers.

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