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Quality High-End product
Sachtler has wide range of quality products in camera support which are cost-effective. Sachtler products are high-grade, flexible and strong that fulfill the needs of cameramen's everyday work in serious climatic situations around the world. The company develops sturdy, quick and genuine tripod heads, tripods and pedestals to give cameramen the best footage with high quality ever. Sachtler fluid heads have capability  to accept the payload from 0-140 kg. Its head fitting sizes are 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and Flat Base. Sachtler Tripod heads provides Snap & Go side-loading mechanism. This makes the tripods heads to be mounted fast and easy.

Sachtler tripods are suitable for latest camcorders and DSLR Cameras. Sachtler tripods are made up of two kind of materials. They are built using Aluminum and Carbon fiber. Sachtler aluminum tripods can carry payload upto 0-140kg whereas Carbon fiber tripods can hold load upto 0-95kg.

Pedestals produced by them  are ideal for studio and OB applications. Sachtler Pedestals works with Crab & Steer function which transforms the pedestal so that it is flexible and easy to use. Sachtler pedestals have special option so that it could be splitted as dolly, column and hand wheel which makes it easy to transport. Quick fix connection in pedestals help us to connect the fluid head easily.

Sachtler products can be used in different industries like TV stations, Production houses, Wedding crew, Documentary production, Studio and Live events.

Tribute to the founder

Many high quality films were produced using  several sophisticated equipment. Moving the cameras angle around  scene make  movie stories more lively and interesting, this is possible only when you have a good cameras support system, besides the cameras. Sachtler brand is a legacy brand which is widely used in the filming and video industries. However not many of us know the come about of Sachtler.

The first Sachtler was developed in 1958 by a  theatrical performer, cinematographer, and innovator, Mr. Wendelin Sachtler. Mr. Sachtler was the first inventor that made the cameras able to pan on the tripod. It had developed with pan and tilt motions, also with gyroscopic damping to reduce the difficulties on camera moves. This tripod head achieved and made so popular among other camera operators. This was a starting point  to guide Wendeline Sachtler to start a new company, Sachtler.

In 1958, Wendelin Sachtler started his production of heads in a small workshop in Munich-Schwabing, Germany. Few years later, Sachtler GmBH has been relocated to Eching near Munich. With continuous innovation, Sachtler is now  a global leader in camera support systems manufacturing video tripod and lighting equipments for broadcast and film production.

Sachtler's investment can be separated as Camera Support and high class camera and audio equipment bags for easy transportation and more safety. 

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We are the Sachtler Reseller
We have a wide range of Sachtler products available at our Expandore store selling at competitive price. Our well-trained staffs who are subject matter experts in handling the Sachtler products will clarify your doubts and guide you along on how to proper use of the products. We are the reputable leading authorized dealer for Sachtler products in Singapore and we are well-known for the services we provide to our customers. To better support the sales and the service of Sachtler equipment around the region, we have established a few local offices in Philippines, Indonesia,  and India. You are welcome to experience the secured and efficient shopping online with us!

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