Video Solutions Ulysses HD Quad Multiviewer

VideoSolutions Ulysses HD Quad
VideoSolutions Ulysses HD Quad   

Video Solutions Ulysses HD Quad Multiviewer


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  • 8 Full HD 1920x1080i monitor output through DVI and SDI interface
  • 4 HD/SD SDI inputs + 1 input for cascading possibility. It is allows to cascade up to 4 devices. As a result - maximum windows number is 4*4=16
  • Ready presets of layout can be used
  • Graphic objects such as logo, clock can be displayed
  • Audio level meters can be display
  • The audio signals can be taken from embedded SDI audio. The group and audio channel number can be chosen.
  • Text titles such as source name, current mode, etc. can be displayed.
  • Tally function allows to display Program/Preview marks for corresponding sources (option).
  • Controlling through Ethernet, RS-422/485.

Ulysses HD Quad is 4 inputs multiviewer (quad splitter processor) is the base for multi-window monitoring system by cascading connection several such devices. Allows to monitor of the colored video images from up to 16 video signal sources on the same
Full HD monitor in real time. Can be used instead of monitors walls in broadcast TV studios, cable TV networks, satellite systems, OBVans, CCTV security video system, digital signage system, technology control , etc.

Input SDI HD:SMPTE 292M/274M/296M@1.485 and 1.4835Gb/s, 1080i 60/59.94/50Hz
SD:SMPTE 259M@270Mb/s, 625i50, 525i59.94
Power Consumption 15 W
Power 90-260 V 50/60hz
Weight 3.5 kg
Construction 19" iU Stand-alone device