Vaxis Storm 2000 Wireless Transmission System

Vaxis Storm 2000 Zero Delay Wireless Transmission System

Product Code: STORM 2000

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• Long-distance transmission
• low latency
• Antenna protection
• Interface built-in design
• Suitable for multiple scenes

Multi-camera monitoring
20 channels options meet the requirements of multi-screen transmission during live broadcast/rebroadcast.

Achieve multi-departmental collaboration with Vaxis handheld kit, wireless monitor, array antenna 5G panel etc.

Flexible Power supply
Stable power supply with various method by power cable, V-loc, AB-lock and back mounted DV battery

Antenna Protection Structure
New blade antenna protective cover, more durable and exchangeable

Built-in ports design
Prevent damages from falling and collision with built-in design

Upgraded cooling System
Escort your work in complex environment with redesigned cooling system

OLED Screen Display
Intutive information display, clear to find channel, voltage, signal etc.

Blade Antenna
Vaxis new blade antenna, more durable and practical

Full time code
Support full time code for RED?ARRI/CANON/SONY/PANASONIC

Outdoor max distance 600m (Eye relief)
Delay 0 [< 1ms]
Frequency 20MHz or 40MHz
Frequency Modulation Fixed Frequency Modulation (Support upto 20 channels)
Video Format 1080p24/23.98, 1080p60/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080i60/59.94 1080i50, 1080psf30/29.97, 1080psf24/25/23.98, 720p60/59.94, 720p50, 576p60
Work temperature 0-40⁰ C
Legislation Supporting Chinese laws and regulations
Transmitter Receiver
Video Interface SDI Input (BNC Female) / SDI Loop Out (BNC Female) HDMI Input (Type-A Female) DC Input (2 needles LEMO Female) / Micro USB joint SDI Input * 2 (BNC Female) / HDMI Output (Type-A Female) DC Input (2 needles LEMO Female)
Wireless Connection 2 Antennas (PR-SMA Male) 5 Antennas
Power Connector Lemo Input, Battery Susset input Lemo Input, Battery Susset input
Voltage 7-36v 7-36v
Size(mm) 113 x 70 x 24 25 x 94 x 39.4 (included v-lock mount)
Weight 254 grams 405 grams

• Transmitter x 1
• Receiver x 1
• Pressure Tightness Flight Box
• Blade Antenna x 8
• 7" Noga Arm x 1
• DC Power Cable x 2
• SDI Cable x 1