Vaxis Storm 1000s Wireless Video Transmission System Kit

Vaxis Storm 1000s HDMI/SDI WHDI Wireless Transmission System

Product Code: STORM 1000S

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• Built-in Antenna
• Quick mounting adapter
• Support 1/4' and 3/8' thread
• Improved compatibility
• More power options

Vaxis Storm 1000s is a new antenna-free design. The TX also features a built-in mounting bracket that uses a 3/8″ thread. Having no external antennas will mean less chance of them getting broken or in the way. The TX features an SDI in/out as well as an HDMI input. The RX has two SDI and one HDMI output. It has a maximum range of 350m.

Built-in Antenna
Free from antenna assembly, make the Storm 1000s more efficient and durable than ever.

Smaller and Easier
Support 1/4" and 3/8' thread, no extra accessories needed.

More Power options
DV battery is available for the Tx, V-mount, and Gold mount is available for the Rx.

It is featured with a brand new motherboard which can reduce the signal interference and improve the transmission distance to 350 meters.

Support 0' mode
0' mode provides an instant playback feature when you connect with Arri Alexa Mini.

Support 20 channels
Brand new Vaxis frequency standard features with 20 channels, which can efficiently avoid signal interference and support more Tx and Rx working simultaneously.

Transmitter Receiver
Video Interface SDI Input (BNC female) / SDI loopout HDMI input DC input (2-pin Lemo female)/Micro USB SDI Output*2(BNC female) / HDMI Output*1 DC input (2-pin Lemo female)/Micro USB
Antenna Built-in Built-in
Power Connector 2-pin Lemo(input) 2-pin Lemo input, Integrated V-Lock power input
Voltage 7-36V 7-36V
Size 138x69.5x24.5mm 156x91.5x24.5mm
Weight 290 grams 436 grams

• 1x Transmitter
• 1x Receiver with v-mount
• 2x Power Cables (Lemo 2-pin male to D-Type)
• 1x 7” Articulating magic arm
• 1x User manual
• 1x VAXIS flight case