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Hollyland Wireless Intercom System

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Hollyland offers you the best solutions for your wireless intercommunication requirements
All the models offered by the Hollyand can be cascaded to one and others thus expanding the intercommunication capability.
Currently, there are 3 models, Namely Mars T1000 , Syscom 1000T and Solidcom M1.
All these models are of full-duplex with carrier-grade audio quality

Mars T1000 is the entry model which allows up to 5 users, ie base station and 4 belt pack.
The wireless range is 300m in a radius around the base station
While Sysvom 1000T give you up to 8 wireless belt pack, the same wireless range coverage as Mars T1000, however, it beltpacks support tally interface. Syscom 1000T allows you to join other made base stations using either 4 or 2 wired connection

Solidcom M1 was introduced to the market in Oct 2012, this is the only model in Hollyland with 3 groups of intercom, Just like the 2 previous mentioned models it operates on 1.9 GHz frequency and wireless range is 390m radius from the base station ( with antenna )
this device can be cascaded to several stations ( either 2 wire or 4 wire connections) to form larger connectivity

 Hollyland Wireless Intercom System

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Syscom 1000T Mars T1000 Solidcom M1  
1000ft Wireless Intercom System
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 Hollyland Intercom Review
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KK Tan - 01/05/2018
Cosmo400 is the most ideas choice for our Church's event, now I need not to worry about laying cable, which was my weekly chores I have to carry out.. This equipment is very stable and I can run the distance upto 120m with line of sight for outdoor wireless video transmission.  With the Mushroom antenna, I can now also place my receiver at the 3rd floor while the transmitter is at ground floor ( height is about 20m ), amazingly it works. I am cableless from now only.

Jason - 01/09/2017

I have been on the research to get my Professional Video transmission for both range 100 m to 300m for long. as I have applications for both short and longer range transmission. I needed times to keep enough money to get this gear for my jobs. Thus I was really care about my money to get the best value product. Sadly due to technology restriction I could not find one which allow me to transmit without having line of Sight for some scenario. With that I have to follow the rule to get my best coverage without dropping much of the signal.

With that requirement in mind, I've managed to find some, Thanks to Friends recommendation and web info and subsequently filtered it to only 2 for ease of decision making, The 2 brands, namely Ghost eye and Hollyland. And I was in the cross road for which one to get. I needed to do something's to get the right one. (Comparing Ghosteye versus Hollyland) After some efforts of research, I have discovered somethings very interesting. And I thought I would like to share this on this post.

Long story short, My final decision was to get Hollyland Cosmo 400 (120M) and Cosmo 1000 (300m) from Expandore instead of buying online for Ghost eye, Here are the reasons.

• My Friends have bought both 2 from Cinegear Ghost Eye from overseas on-line shop, namely the Ghosteye Kit 150m and Ghosteye kit 300m, upon my request he allowed me to bring to the shop to make the comparison with his presence.
• Cosmetically both brands like similar ( I would say identical ) except for the brand, of course.
• However it seems that Ghost eye was having longer transmission range as per their specification 150m vs 120m, and 350m vs 300m , I thus presumed that the price different and thus it is cheaper for Hollyland.
• To Convince myself further, Thanks to the shop, the allowed us to do the transmission distance test under the same conditions. but both performed nearly same under the same distance
• I went one step further and Upon my deeper finding and research on web site and including calling the China Counterpart, to my surprise I found out something else. That the original maker of both product seems to be the from the same source, ie Hollyland is the original maker.
• I thus asked many questions including are both brands having the same spec and also why for the same product, the specification is varied and that is what I got.
• It was quite sure by then that both brands are produced the same way using the same component and chip in the same factory, the manufacturer by fast the standard has to state its Specification to its client and the consumers. While the brand owner has it rights to state the specification that the product could stretch .
• I further asked the maker, could their 120m Gear could do the same Ghoseye did for 150m So for the 300m and 350m. Again the answer given was positive but under certain conditions. The maker further stated that they would prefer to stay the specification with safety factor built in rather that stretching it ,as under circumstance it might not performs according to the requirement. IT is better to be in the state of under- promised and over-delivered
• The last question I had asked was , can the maker has control over the specification specified by the client which was different from the original specification , they would not want to comment further.
• Being a consumer, it is worth the while to do some research to get the product that deserved the value. By doing what I was doing it saved me close to SGD 800/= and SGD 1,200 respectively

Nash - 05/09/2017
Ghost Eye vs Hollyland Cosmo
Jason thanks you for the information. In fact I faced the same dilemma.

I was proposing Ghost eye to a worship place, however due to some "uncomfortable" reason it was rejected as the users did not like to have the "Holly event" to be transmitted thru "Ghost xxx". On the contrary, the Hollyland sound more acceptable. The reason for the acceptance has nothing to do with the Technology but the name.

After reading Jason's sharing, my problem solved. The Hollyland Cosmo 400 work perfectly for us, we have not yet experienced any signal drop as long as I am keeping both wireless transmitter and receiver with line of sight. Best of all it support 1080 /60P.

Despite the fact that Both Ghosteye and Hollyland are produced by the same factory, the price point varied, I have enjoyed great saving.

The Cinegear should consider to re-brand it ghosteye to be may be Gold eye... Just a suggestion.

Peter - 05/11/2017
Loss signal Blocked by Building No line of sight

I have deployed the Hollyland 1000 Cosmo in my recent events, and I was given the most difficult assignment to transmit the Wireless Video. The horizontal distance between the RX and TX is about 250m. However there was a building 30m away which block the transmission in line of sight, there is no way to get the signal except that to deploy the receiver 30 m away from the controller room.

I used SDI cable to tap the signal from the receiver and laid the cable for about 40m till the controller room. As now both RX and TX are in alignment, the signal is perfect. I was able to receive the signal at 1080/60P with almost no latency and good quality of HD video. Thanks to Hollyland Cosmo. This product work as well as its competitor which cost more than USD 500 more.