Hollyland Mars T1000 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System

Hollyland Mars T1000 Intercom System

Hollyland Mars T1000 Full-duplex Intercom System 1 base station with 4 beltpacks, Support Cascade expansion

Product Code: MARS T1000

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Hollyland MARS T1000 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System
Hollyland MARS T1000 1000ft Full-duplex Intercom System (1 Portable base station with 4 beltpacks)

- 1000ft working range
- Carrier-grade voice quality
- Full-duplex wireless commuication
- Provide more than 8hours of battery life
- 1 base station with 4 beltpacks, Support Cascade expansion

Mars T1000 can be widely used in educational activities, sports events broadcast, live wedding broadcast & live show intercom etc.

Tally Light signal User Manual
Intercom 4 Wire
RJ 45 interface Both side..
Intercom 4 Wire
Intercom 4 Wire
Configure 2 and 4 Wire Connection between Mars T1000 and Syscom 1000T
Configure 2 and 4 Wire Connection

  Base station Beltpack
Power Supply Way 7-36V DC Input; NP-F970 Battery
POE supply (IEEE802.3at)
1600mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
Frequency Response 300Hz – 5KHz
Signal to noise ratio > 50dB
Distortion < 2%
Working range Under LOS, 1000ft working range from base station to beltpack
Frequency Band 1.9GHz / 2.4 GHz
Modulation Mode GFSK
Transmission Power Maximum 24dBm
Receiver Sensitivity < -93dBm
Bandwidth 1.728MHz
Power Consumption < 6W < 0.7W
Certification FCC; CE

- Base Station x 1
- Beltpack x 4
- Single-sided Headset
- Type-C Cable
- 1.9G High-gain Antenna
- User manual
- Beltpack Charger
- XLR Adapter

1.MartsT1000 is a Digital Full Duplex Bidirectional Communication system with Carrier-grade voice quality Using Using 1.9 GHz technology.

2.It Supports 4 x wireless belt pack. The standard supply come with 5 headsets.

3.The Base station can be powered by Sony NP-F Series Battery or DC12V. The Base station has 4 x USB port allowing you to charge the belt pack and 1 x USB-C for Future firmware upgrade

4. A Sony NPF970 L series battery can power the base station upto 18 hrs operation

5.The Belt pack come with Built-in Lithium Battery which can last for 8 hrs of operation when fully charged. The Belt pack has a OLED Screen, Display the Status of Each Beltpack in Real Time

6.You can connect 1x headset to the base station and communicate wirelessly with 4 belt pack, thus it is a 5x persons communication system

7.The effective transmission distance is of 150m(1000 Feets) radius from the base station.

8.This system allow you to cascade 2 x MarsT100 system thru a Cat5 cable, thus enable 8 belt pack + 2 base communication ( MarsT1000 can be cascaded with Hollyland syscom 1000T using the same Cat5 cable)
Note : Please refer to the below for cat5 Pin configuration

9.MartsT1000 can be connected to Wired party line( eg Clearcom) via a 4-2 wire adaptor