Hollyland MARS 400S PRO II Wireless Video Transmission System

Hollyland MARS 400S PRO II Wireless Video Transmission System

Product Code: MARS 400S PRO II

 Hollyland MARS 400s PRO II

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• 0.07s Low Latency
• 450ft (150m) LOS Range
• SDI & HDMI Dual Ports
• 12Mbps Data Rate
• Flexible Monitoring Options
• Smart Channel Scan

Hollyland MARS 400S PRO II (400ft) Wireless Video Transmission System

Transmitter and Receiver Set

The HOLLYLAND MARS 400S PRO II SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System includes a transmitter and receiver set, enhancing the feasibility of live video streaming onto other devices. Equipped with both HDMI and SDI inputs, the transmitter, and HDMI and SDI outputs on the receiver, this setup enhances connectivity and signal strength with dual antennas on both units.

Connectivity and Monitoring

Integration with Wi-Fi allows seamless connections with cameras and live streaming onto computers or devices via a Type C adapter. OLED displays on both transmitter and receiver facilitate monitoring, even in low-light conditions. Remarkably, the transmitter connects to four devices, enabling live video monitoring without the receiver.

1080p60 Video Transmission

With improved transmission capabilities, this wireless video system supports up to 1080p60 video streaming. Users can monitor live video on various devices, be it Android, iOS, computers, or laptops via Type C adapters.

Inbuilt Fan Modulation

The transmitter features an inbuilt fan with three modes (Auto, Slow, and Off) for effective cooling without impacting audio quality. While the receiver lacks an inbuilt fan, its design facilitates natural cooling, ensuring prolonged device life and optimal functionality.

0.07s Latency and Power Options

The system boasts a minute latency of 0.07s, allowing real-time monitoring and immediate corrections during recording. Offering a line-of-sight transmission up to 450 ft to the receiver and 300 ft to devices via the HollyView app, it ensures uninterrupted monitoring.

Versatile Power Supply

Featuring multiple power supply options, including Sony L-series batteries, DC adapters, or charging via a Type C input, ensures continuous functionality across varied scenarios.

Robust Design

Unlike its predecessors, the HOLLYLAND MARS 400S PRO II SDI/HDMI system comes in an aluminum body, offering durability. It integrates a built-in cold shoe mount and ¼”-20 mounting thread, enhancing usability and quick identification between transmitter and receiver.

From its sleek design to ultra-low latency, diverse connectivity, and robust monitoring options, the Hollyland Mars 400S PRO II SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System stands as an indispensable companion for achieving professional-grade video precision and quality.

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Support transmission up to 1080p60 video
• Latency of 0.07s
• Robust design
• Long Transmission Range upto 450 Ft
• Support both SDI & HDMI
• Multiple Power supply options
• In-built Fan with three modes
• Pro App Monitoring
• Channel Scan & Firmware update on APP