Hollyland Mushroom Antenna High-gain 5dBi antenna

Hollyland Mushroom antenna
Hollyland Mushroom antenna

Hollyland Mushroom Antenna High-gain 5dBi antenna

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• Easy to use and install.
• Compatible with Hollyland Cosmo series wireless transmission system.
• Offers wider range of wireless signal coverage.
• 5dBi double high gain
• 360º Rotating Anti-Pressure
• SMA Gold-plated interfaceStrong and rugged

Hollyland Mushroom Antenna High-gain 5dBi antenna

Signal transmission direction of TX can be changed by bending mushroom antennas, which makes Hollyland wireless video transmitter applicable in more complex environment.

5dBi double high gain antenna with stronger signal
Hollyland Mushroom Antenna
Compare to the common antenna, this 5dBi Double High Gain Antenna can reach 2 times signal enhancement; and transmit faster transmission rate.

Wireless signal strong extension, increase stability for 5.8G Transmission.

360º Rotating Anti-Pressure
Hollyland Mushroom Antenna
Mushroom antenna can be bent 90 degrees. With delicate structure design at bottom, it can be 360º bend, and extend antenna life. 360º Rotating Anti-Pressure material innovative technology makes the consumption rate low 80%. The King of highest safety factor & strongest anti-damage.

Gold-plated material SMA Gold-plated interface
Adopt high quality silver-plated feeder; SMA gold-plated interface; Greatly extended transmission distance, wide range of application

ABS environmentally friendly material
ABS injection molding, with strong pressure resistance & impact resistance. Anti-aging; exposure resistance; strong and rugged. Tough and light.

Size 93mm
Gain 5dBi
Frequency range 5.1 – 5.9 GHz