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  • Hollyland INTERCOSMO1000
    Product Code: INTERCOSMO1000
    This model has been discontinued
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  • Features
    • Full-Duplex Wireless Communication
    • Support 11 simultaneous voice calls
    • 4 Pieces External Antennas
    • Support Wireless and Wired Tally
    • 7-36VDC wide voltage Input
    • Support network, Serial Ports remote operation
    • Industrial metal case, stable, reliable
Intercosmo1000: Overview
Hollyland INTERCOSMO1000 supports 1.9GHZ / 2.4GHZ frequency band with 1 fixed part, 8 pcs portable parts, 2 pcs local RJ45 wireline voice connected by 4 pieces external antennas. It maximum supports 11 simultaneous voice calls. It supports wireless and wired internal tally. The wired internal tally can connect to the switcher output.

The Wireless Intercom Transmission guaranteed distance is up to 1000FT. It supports Full-Duplex Wireless communication and network, serial ports remote operation. User can control and upgrade the system by GUI. The industrial metal case of the system is stable and reliable as a big plus for your testing experience.

Master Station
Power Consumption Less than 5W
Frequency Band 1.9GHz/2.4GHz
Modulation Mode GFSK
Transmission Power Max 24dBm
Receiver Sensitivity -92dBm
Bandwidth 1.728MHz
Loudspeaker Power Less than 3W
Interface Power Switch, XLR Microphone, 3.5mm Microphone, 3.5mm Ear Phone, Number Keys Operation Panel, Mute Button, Call Button, Scroll Up Button, SET Button, Mode Button
Scroll Down Button, LCD OSD Display, Speaker, Speaker Volume Knob, Antenna Connector, VGA Tally Input, Intercom/Tally, LAN Upgrade/Control Port, DC power Input, Ground Connection

 Hollyland INTERCOSMO1000 Wireless Intercom System Review
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