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Mackie CFX20.mkII

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Model: CFX20.mkII
20-Channel Live Sound Mixer w/ Effects

Designed to take the hassle out of mixing live performances, Mackie's CFX.mkII Series compact live sound mixers feature genuine Mackie mic preamps, four subgroups, precise nine-band stereo graphic equalizers for greater sonic control, and onboard EMAC™ 32-bit digital effects—eliminating the need for outboard effects processors and cables. Combined with Mackie Active loudspeakers, the CFX.mkII mixers are part of a complete, easy-to-use Mackie sound system.

What's new in CFX.mkII? New impact-resisting rubber side panels for better durability. New ergonomic updates including sturdier, more precise Onyx Series knobs. And new graphics, for better visibility in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Best of all, the new CFX.mkII mixers come at a suggested retail price significantly lower than the original CFX Series.


All CFX.mkII mic/line channels feature genuine Mackie mic preamps, renowned for their high-headroom, low-noise operation. Additional channel features include unbalanced inserts and input Trim controls with individual Zero Level LEDs,
3-band EQ with swept midrange, and 100Hz low cut filters for eliminating mic rumble. Each channel strip has a 60mm log-taper fader, one external, and one internal/external effects send; plus two Aux sends, pan, mute, solo (PFL), and bus assigns. The mixers also offer phase-accurate 9-band stereo graphic EQ for easy tonal shaping (and feedback supression). All three models allow two separate stage monitor mixes to be created with their own effects levels. See how its done here.

Sweet touches abound on the CFX.mkII Series — like a simple, yet utterly handy Break Switch, that lets you mute all the channels, and instantly play any souce you've plugged into the Tape inputs. (Perfect for those moments when you have to take care of business offstage, and don't want some overzealous fan grabbing a mic to belt out "Free Bird.")

Thanks to our massive digital R&D efforts of the past seven years, we've developed sophisticated 32-bit digital effects that rival dedicated outboard processors. Our EMAC effects sound clean and realistic — especially compared to the crude, jangling 16-bit effects on most of the other "effects" mixers on the market.

Like all Mackie mixers, the CFX.mkII Series is designed for rugged, day-in and day-out road use. Their sturdy-yet-light steel monocoque construction houses rugged, double-sided SMT-plated fiberglass circuit boards, and 60mm faders with ultra-tight lip seals for keeping out contaminants. Onyx mixer-style knobs are mounted so they "ride" just above the steel chassis and absorb impacts without transferring damage to the internal components. And like all Mackie mixers, the CFX.mkII feature co-molded potentiometers that don't get brittle and scratchy sounding with age.

  • High-headroom mic preamps with RF rejection

  • 20 channels (16 mic/line mono, and 2 stereo line channels)

  • 32-bit EMAC™ digital effects with 9 reverbs, 4 delays, phaser, chorus, flange; 2 parameter controls + EFX wide spatial expander

  • External and internal EFX sends

  • EFX to Monitor control

  • 9-band stereo graphic equalizer

  • Inserts on all mic channels and main mix

  • True 4-bus design with direct sub outs and L/R assign

  • 2 Pre/Post Aux sends and internal/external FX level sends on each channel

  • 3-band EQ with swept mid (100Hz to 8kHZ) on mic/line channels

  • 4-band EQ on stereo line channels

  • Pan, Mute, PFL solo on each channel

  • Inserts and 100Hz low-cut filters on all mic/line channels

  • Subwoofer output from built-in 18dB/oct. 75Hz crossover

  • Ingenious BREAK switch

  • Headphone output with level control

  • Tape/CD inputs with level control assignable to Main Mix via Break switch

  • Logarithmic taper 60mm faders

  • 48V phantom power

  • 12V BNC lamp jack

General Specifications
Frequency Response: (Mic to any output, Gain @ unity)
32 Hz to 20 kHz: +0dB/-1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD and IMD): (Mic Input to Main Output @ +4 dBu)
THD(20 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth): <0.05%
SMPTE IMD(7 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1): <0.05%
Noise Characteristics: Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)
150Ω termination, 20 Hz to 20kHz bandwidth: -127 dBu
Residual Output Noise
Main, Monitor, and Effects Outputs (Channel and Main Mix levels off): -95 dBu
Attenuation/Crosstalk: Adjacent Inputs or Input to Output @ 1 kHz: -90 dB
Fader off @ 1kHz: -90 dBu
Mute Switch and Break Switch Mute: -90 dBu
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): Mic In to Insert Send out, max gain @ 1kHz: better than -60 dB
Maximum Input Levels: Mic Input (Gain @ 50: +22 dBu
All other inputs: +22 dBu
Main Mix XLR Out: +28 dBu
All outputs: +22 dBu
Impedance: Mic In: 3 kΩ
Line Input: 40 kΩ
All other Inputs: 10 kΩ or greater
All other outputs: 150Ω
Physical Dimensions and Weight: Height: 5.0 in / 127 mm
Width: 26.8 in / 681 mm
Depth: 16.0 in / 406 mm
Weight: 24.3 lb / 11.0 kg
AC Power Requirements: Power Consumption: 45 watts
Phantom Power: +48 VDC
Equalization: Mono Channel EQ
High Shelving: ± 15 dB @ 12 kHz
Mid Peaking: ± 15 dB sweep 100 Hz- 8kHz
Low Shelving: ± 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Low Cut Filter: 18 dB/octave, -3 dB @ 75 Hz
Stereo Channel EQ
High Shelving: ± 15 dB @ 12 kHz
High Mid Peaking: ± 15 dB @ 3 kHz
Low Mid Shelving: ± 15 dB @ 400 Hz
Low Shelving: ± 15 dB @ 80 Hz
Low Cut Filter: 18 dB/octave, -3 dB @ 75 Hz
Graphic EQ (9 bands)
Q = 1.414, ISO octave centers
± 15 dB @ 63, 125, 250, 500, 1k , 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k Hz
Input Gain Control Range: Mono Channels
Mic Input: + 5 dB to + 50 dB
Line Input: - 15 dB to +30 dB
Stereo Channels
Line Input: - 20 dB to +20 dB
Mixer Rated Output: Main, Sub, Aux, and EFX Outs: + 4 dBu
Maximum Rated Output @ Main XLR and TRS Outputs: + 20 dBu
Maximum Voltage Gain: Mic Input to:
Insert Out: 50 dB
Tape Out: 66 dB
Sub Out: 66 dB
Main Out: 76 dB
Aux Send: 71 dB
Line Input to:
Insert Out: 30 dB
Tape Out: 46 dB
Sub Out: 46 dB
Main Out: 56 dB
Aux Send: 51 dB
Stereo Line Input to:
Tape Out: 40 dB
Sub Out: 40 dB
Main Out: 50 dB
Aux Send: 45 dB
Tape Input to:
Main Out: 30 dB
Effects Return to:
Main Out: 30 dB
Digital Effects: Resolution: 32-bit (16-bit, 2-Channel)
Number of Presets: 16
Channel Level LED(Sensitivity): 0 LED = 0 dBu ( normal operating level)
VU Meters: Main Left and Rght, 12 Segment Clip:
+10, +7, +4, +2, 0 (0 dBu), -2, -4, -7, -10, -20, -30



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