Trilogy UHF In Ear Monitoring System - 900

Trilogy UHF In Ear Monitoring System -900
Trilogy UHF IEM 900   

Trilogy UHF In Ear Monitoring System 900

Product Code: UHFIEM900

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  • Distributed matrix architecture that maximises resilience and reduces installation costs
  • Full access audio network that provides programme quality performance with no latency
  • Dual redundant ‘ring’ connectivity that has no single point of failure for ultimate system dependability
  • Integrated IP capability permits unlimited expansion in terms of system size or geographic location
  • Integration with IP phone systems and other SIP compliant devices
  • Lever key and Touchscreen control panels to suit individual operational preferences

The 425-900 UHF In Ear Monitoring System sets new standards in terms of unmatched audio clarity, robust RF performance coupled with advanced configuration features to meet the most demanding professional applications.

Key benefits:
20 channel support for maximum coverage and reduced interference.
Infra red transmission of settings between base station and beltpack to speed up configuration.
Seamless integration with other Trilogy intercom systems for maximum communications reach and improved return on investment.
LCD display allows for instant visual confirmation of settings, levels and channel selections.

Complementing its 20 channel capability, the 425-900 base station offers two line inputs, each with independent level control and bar graph indicators, enabling mono or stereo operation. Key focus has been placed on ease of programming with provision for settings to be synchronised between the base station and beltpack wirelessly via the infra red link.

Seamless integration with all Trilogy Intercom systems is effected using standard balanced 4-wire connections together with the comprehensive IFB utility incorporated within the Trilogy configuration software.

The beltpack is intended for use with the Trilogy 420-26-02 flexible eartube, however the standard 3.5mm jack allows simple connection to most popular earpieces.

Key Features – Beltpack:
Available in different frequency groups to suit local regulations.
Compliant with new UK legislation.
Advanced configuration menu with display.
IR Sync facility - transfers settings between base station and beltpack.
20 selectable channels.
Dual line inputs with level controls and LED input level indicators.
Detachable front antenna with provision for adding a remote antenna.

Key Features - Base Station:
LCD display displays menu and settings.
Dual auto scan mode.
Volume limiter.
Tri-colour battery status LED.
Uses standard AA batteries.

RF Carrier Range 470-952 MHz (region dependent)
Modulation FM MPX Stereo. ± 34kHz deviation
RF output power 10/50/100mW (region dependent)
Compatible frequencies 20 per band
Operating range 90m under optimal conditions
Audio frequency response 35 Hz - 15 kHz ±3 dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.8% typical (1 kHz)
Antenna Connector 50? BNC
Operating temperature -18oC to + 57oC
Audio input Impedance 70k?
Connector XLR/1/4 inch jack combo
Level Nominal: +4dBu
Max: +23.3dBu
Dimensions 197 x 166 x 42 (mm)
Weight 850g
Base Station
User Controls Mode Stereo or Mix
EQ Boost 3 position : Off; +2dB; =4dB @ 10khz
Volume Limiter Adjustable 3-9
Earpiece Connector 3.5mm jack skt
Earpiece Impedance 9.5 minimum
Battery Type 2 x AA
Battery Life Typically 5-7 hr
Dimensions 83 x 65 x 22 (mm)
Weight 200g