Trilogy 1.9GHz 200 Series Digital Wireless Intercom

Trilogy Single Channel Wireless Iintercom
Trilogy Single Channel Wireless Intercom   

Trilogy 1.9GHz 200 Series Single Channel Digital Wireless Intercom




  • Digital encrypted, duplex communication
  • Licence free operation
  • Diversity antennas for minimal dropouts
  • Supports single and dual channel beltpacks
  • Inteface for up to 20 party-line wired beltpacks
  • Lightweight, compact beltpacks with 10 hour active battery life
  • Adjustable side tone
  • Light/vibrate/buzzer call system

Operating in the 1.9GHz band, the 200 Wireless Intercom delivers interference free, resilient communication essential for any critical fixed or mobile broadcast production environment. Featuring full duplex, hands free communication this flexible wireless intercom combines exceptional sound clarity with simple set up and ease of use.

Key benefits:
Interference free communications thanks to use of the 1.9GHz band.
Support for up to 4 wireless or 20 wired beltpacks, with flexible group creation to split and filter communications.
Alert function for use in noisy environments.
Expansive design allows for simple connection of external antennas to boost signals if required.
Visual indicators show beltpack status at a glance, simplifying operation.

With a capacity for 4 single channel beltpacks, the 200 base station allows direct connection to a matrix intercom/programme source, like Trilogy Messenger , or to a mic/headset for a local operator.

The 200 base station includes provision to connect up to 20 party-line wired beltpacks in two circuits, thereby allowing an integrated wireless/wired solution. A ‘call’ function, activated from the base station or beltpacks provides a convenient means of alerting operators in noisy environments.

The base stations afford the benefits of front panel detachable antennas with the ability to connect external antennas, either standard or directional to optimise reception over the desired area.

The accompanying beltpacks are equipped with controls for:
Volume level.
Microphone on/off.
Buzz/vibrator on/off together

Each unit is also fitted with indicators reporting battery, call and ‘in range’ status. Both dynamic and electret microphone types are accommodated according to the specific needs of your installation/application.

Beltpacks are fitted with NiMH rechargeable batteries providing up to 50 hour operation on standby receive and 10 hours in conversation mode. Systems are supplied with a worldwide voltage, 3 hour rapid charger capable of charging 4 beltpacks simultaneously.

Single Channel Base Station
Frequency 1.9GHz Band
Modulation GFSK/TDMA
Transmit Power 22dBm typical
Receive Sensitivity -92dBm typical
Beltpacks Per Base 4 x WBP-200
Party Line Channels 2 channels, A &B selectable
Programme Input Line or Mic selectable
Audio Output Party line or Mic only selectable
Headset Dynamic or electret selectable
Headset Connector 4-pin XLR male & 4-pin mini XLR male
Power 90-250 VAC, 50-60Hz, 10 watt
Dims/Weight 482 x 150 mm, 1RU high / 3kg
WBP-200 Beltpack
Range 50 - 350 metre around base station
Battery Type NiMH 3.6V rechargeable pack
Battery Life 10 hours duplex mode
50 hours call receive mode
Headset Dynamic or electret selectable
Controls Call, Vol level
Indicators Call, battery status, low battery, Mic on/off, Buzz on/off, In range
Dims / Weight 120 x 80 x 25 mm / 175g
Headset Connector 4 pin mini XLR male