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 Yololiv Streaming Encoders

YoloBox Portable Live Stream Studio YoloBox Pro Portable Live Stream Studio YoloBox Mini Live Stream Encoder & Touchscreen Monitor Yololiv Instream
YoloBox YoloBox Pro YoloBox Mini Instream
Encoder, Switcher, Monitor and Recorder Portable Live stream Studio Live streaming Encoder and Touchscreen Control Monitor All in One Vertical Live Streaming Studio

Yolobox or Yoloboxpro offers you the Simplest and more economical solutions for your Live Video Switching and Streaming

Yolobox or Yoloboxpro offers you the Simplest and more economical solutions for setting up a Live Multiple Video input Switching and mixing (with transition effects and *Chroma Key ) and enable you to stream simultaneously to 3 streaming Platforms ( e.g. Facebook, You tube and Twitch or RTMP )

Comparing with the Traditional set up which you would require the following beside the Cameras
1. A multiple Video input switcher /Mixer

2. Monitor for Multiple view
3. Monitor for Program Out
4. A video/ audio recorder
5. A capture card
6. A Computer for Video Capture and Streaming
* Chroma Key, Applicable for Yolobox Pro only

Now you are much lighter to perform a live video Switching or streaming

With the Yolobox /Yolobox Pro, You can do tremendous cost saving by eliminating the following equipment
1. No Video Monitor is required, as the product itself is an All in one 7 inch or 8 inch high quality monitor, in which you can view both Multiview and the Program out
2. No recorder will be needed, as the device allow to record the Video in MP4 via SD card
3. No Capture card is needed, as the device is an encoder allowing to do live streaming by connecting it to a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or LTE/4G SIM card.
4. No Computer/Laptop is needed, as it can perform #3.

Introducing Yolobox

There are 2 models
1. YoloLiv YoloBox Portable All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming Encoder, Switcher, 7 inch Monitor, and Recorder
2. YoloLiv YoloBox Pro Portable All-in-One Multi-Camera Live Streaming Encoder, Switcher, 8 inch Monitor, and Recorder

The device works as a video switcher, with a wide choice of picture-in-picture templates as well as graphic layers. It has a built-in encoder allowing you for live streaming, and it can record the program out into a SD cards.

You can make your live stream more interesting by adding logos/watermarks/rolling captions Customized PiP options, which include an Interview mode, allow you to bring a unique presentation and feel/touch to your stream

Engage with your audience in real time via feature comment overlays

In the event of recording or streaming a sport event, the customizable scoreboard feature displays a real-time-controlled scoreboard for professional results

There is a Built-in lower-thirds templates which allow you to edit any text to enhance the presentation.

You can connect to the internet using the integrated RJ45 (Ethernet) port, Wi-Fi, and via cell service using an optional SIM card.

Simultaneous Streaming
YoloBox will first push your feed to the YoloLIV platform, from where it automatically forwarding your feed to a maximum of 3 destinations simultaneously.

1. It is a Monitor (7 and 8 inches, 2 models available)
2. It is a Video Recorder (Via SD card up to 128 GB in size in PM4 format)
3. It has Video Switcher for multiple Channel (number of input depend on the Model)
4 It is a streaming encoder (allow you to stream to 3 platform simultaneously, e.g., FB, U -tube and Twitch and RTMP (s)
5. It can be self-powered (built in battery which can last for 3 hrs, for longer operation you may add in a power bank) thus increase your mobility. It is non -AC dependent
6. With this Device, You need no Computer, Monitor etc. as compared to the traditional way thus it is super portable. 7. For Streaming 3 ways of doing it. Wi-Fi (Hot spot), LTE Sim card (LTE connection requires SIM card and data plan), your indoor Ethernet connection.

Target Applications
1. Wedding videographer (Best application for sharing of live stream between 2 venues)
2. Outdoor Sport Streaming (Yolobox has a Scoreboard Function) and it has built in battery that lasts for 3hrs of operation and most importantly it offers you quick deployment of your gears
3. Church services No More cumbersome equipment involved. And it is quick to set up.
4. Best for Zoom Presentation with multiple cameras angle views, playback pre-recorded video, presentation with PDF file enhanced with Logo, subtitle and even Chroma Key for the Presenter.
5. Musical Events

It is a Box that does everything Live Switching and Streaming anywhere anytime without reliance on AC power supply.

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